tools to prove its website

Tools practical to prove the yield of its website

As the companies compete by hearings objective in the digital space in constant expansion, the low yield simply no longer will reduce it. The consumers consult the Web Search products and solutions, to respond questions and to determine the trustworthiness of a company. It is more important that never to optimize and to review continuously the website of his company in search of broken connections, compatibility with movable devices and more. 

Some proprietors of businesses and equipment of marketing can ask themselves: €œHow we can know if our efforts of digital marketing are bearing their fruits€ 

It follows these four steps to evaluate the state of his presence in line.

1. It executes his website through the movable test of Google

There is no doubt that the today websites must be compatible with the movable devices. In fact, the people happen up to five hours per day in movable devices

Google sent a gratuitous tool to prove the capacity of answer of its website in 2014. Use it to prove his website in a matter of seconds to obtain a state that shows what so compatible with movable devices is its site. 

It executes the test of Google for movable devices in his website

2. It proves its site with a checker of broken connections

If it has a previous website or a site with many informative pages, it is possible that it has more of a few broken connections in the site. It is a good idea to correct the broken connections in its website to improve the experience of the user. It does not have nothing else frustrating that to find exactly what you are looking for in the results search to only find you in a broken page.

It executes a checker of broken connections in his website

3. He sees what their competitors are doing

He uses a tool as SpyFu to see real data on the key words that their competitors pay (and its classification). As it constructs his budget of marketing, this investigation of the competition can be very useful to determine what markets and key words to include in its strategy. 

Competitor SpyFu keyword analysis

He sees what their competitors are doing in SpyFu

4. To obtain inspiration of the winners of prizes

As the technology advances at the speed of the light, the designs, the strategies and the techniques to offer the best experience of user and the best design are also changing. Before initiating the redesign of his website, it dedicates something of time with some excellent websites to determine what functions and styles it likes more. One of the favorite sources of inspiration of our equipment is the website of the Prizes Webby. 

Sample from The Awards Webby

Inspire to you with the website of Awards Webby.

5. To ask for an audit of the website.

Although it is a good idea to make his own investigation and to have ideas exceed how to improve its website, nothing wins to him to a professional with experience that offers commentaries critics exceeds how to improve its website. To program a gratuitous consultation and to learn more on the professional services are an excellent way to stay to the vanguard of the game when it is digital marketing. 

In BestReseller-Hosting we can help him with a redesign of his website to optimize it as far as compatibility in movable devices, CATHEDRAL and to center the design in the best experience for the user.

Or that its website is six months or six months, he is always prudent to be abreast of the present technologies and the tendencies of design. To analyze the yield of its site with tools as which they are enumerated here can help it to establish objectives and to the commercial success in line. In last instance, its website is its digital store 24/7, and is worth the pain to maintain updated it, clean and easy to use. 

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