6 things to consider when choosing a domain name

6 things to consider when choosing a domain name

Perhaps her organization just is beginning and she is putting it in line for the first time, or perhaps she has changed with the years and their name of domain is not what wishes. Anyway, its name of domain will remain with you and its organization during years, and although it does not make nor it breaks his success, there are many things that to consider when choosing one. 

At the end of the second trimester of 2017, it was considered that there were 331,9 million domain names anywhere in the world. This can be the bad or good news, following how it is looked. It can cause that it is difficult to find the wished URL, since the URL of a word or common phrase is basically nonexistent. But it can be good for the same reason: they take all the URL common and this forces to you to be a little creative, and therefore to construct the recognition name brand.
In order to choose an effective URL for his organization, it follows these six you rule. 

1. That it is brief and simple.

Its URL must be easy to say aloud. This means that it must be pronounceable and does not have any spelling, number or uneven script. 

2. To do it in brand and intuitive.

It can describe your brand or what beams? If people see her URL and know what her organization does, that is brilliant. This includes to make your own words, if he is appropriate. Still they would have to be easy to spell, but Google was not a word before Google did it. 

3. It considers CATHEDRAL

If naturally it can include a keyword, that is good, but it does not force it. Recently I saw a URL for a company that cleans to windows and roadside ditches, and its URL was windowguttercleaning.com. It has key words, yes, but he is not unique and it does not do anything by his own brand. 

4. It is careful with the infraction name brand

A domain name can be available, but that does not mean that the name is really gratuitous to take. Not only the use of a registered name name brand can cause legal problems, but also it would harm his own efforts name brand, because somebody more already is using it. Also it is a good idea to review the social networks to see how the URL is used that is whereas clause in the names of user, the pages and hashtags. 

5. The USA .com if you can

Their following better options are .mx, .net and .org. If no of those top-level domains is available, it tries with a name of different domain. There are almost 1000 top-level domains (thinks about .biz, .info, etc.) and .com continues being recognized. Most people will assume that it is .com, and many still see alternative extensions and think that the site is not credible. 

6. It thinks in the long term

It does not make his too narrow URL if her organization can expand in the future. To change its URL in the future will cost time, money and a value to him of CATHEDRAL gained with effort. 

Bonus: the vanity URL

A vanity URL is a unique URL that is specifically used for the brand or marketing. For example, if her organization is organizing an event and has a page of information in her site, the real URL could be something as well as examplecompany.com/specialevent2018. If it created a URL of vanity for that event, it could be examplecompanyevent.com. The URL of the vanity will direct to the people to the original URL and the extension, but it seems more beautiful to share in the marketing material and is easier to say, therefore, €œvanity€. 

It wishes to develop his brand in Internet?

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