Using a CRM to be successful in its campaign of marketing

Using a CRM to be successful in its campaign of marketing

It knew that some companies still are tracking the data of the clients in spreadsheets of Excel? Perhaps, is this even you? In conference INBOUND 2017, for author of CRM Dummies, Lars Helgesson, it explained the value of the tools of management of relations with the client (CRM) in marketing and why to use Excel it is an ineffective form to track his efforts of marketing and relations with the clients in his session €œBeing changed the form about which it thinks€ on CRM €œ.

New in CRM? We have reunited the main conclusions of its conference only for you. It continues reading to obtain a brief introduction to the improvement of its efforts of marketing with the management of the relations with the clients. 

Why to use a tool of CRM?

Better rates of conversion

When it can make a pursuit of the clicks, visits and unloadings of his contacts, it has many more possibilities of creating and of sharing content that resonates with them.

Real responsibility

Since the tools of CRM have a functionality of information, when it uses one, their efforts of marketing have associate numbers. This information will help him to you and his stakeholders that is to say what marketing campaigns are successful and what tactical it could reconsider. 

Improved efficiency

When its equipment is using the same tool to realise updates in real time, it can avoid the double work. In addition, once it has established processes to track, to store and to analyze the data, the tasks of information also will take less time and will have more consistency. 

€œThe isolation of the data does useless€. €“ Lars Helgeson

Greater funnel

When eliminating the conjectures of how their prospectuses and clients become jumbled with their content, can generate with new confidence contained and to offer more supplies to the prospectuses in each stage of the trip of the buyer. More containing, and the content that better is oriented, is equivalent to a greater funnel. 

When it fails CRM?

Bad implementation

Like any other new initiative of marketing, the implementation of a new tool of CRM must be property of the person adapted in its equipment (or committee). It defines processes to track, to store and to analyze data, and soon the time is taken to enable to those in its equipment that will use it more. 

€œYou do not leave imprisoned handle the asylum to them €œ. €“ Lars Helgeson

Lack of integration

If the equipment of sales and marketing of their company is not collaborating, establishing strategies and making together objectives, not only it will fail CRM, but the sales and marketing will not have their maximum potential. It finds and it explains the value to all the parts and obtains a participation from the beginning if it is possible. This will cause that the scrap is much more smooth. 

Resistance to the change

It is easy to settle down in his forms when one is how its company realises marketing and sales. Sometimes the equipment resists to the introduction of new tools and all the new processes. It makes his task and it knows the value that CRM could offer and can explain it to his equipment. Good return of the investment speaks volumes. 

€œIt obtains the acceptance of member the key of the equipment, especially of YOU€. €“ Lars Helgeson

CRM completo> CRM by stages

The first tools of CRM only registered calls of sales, but the tools of nowadays are much more robust, since they track all the layers of data of administration of relations with the clients in a single place. This facilitates the extraction and the use of information to close more businesses. 

Here it can see some of the data and information that can rake with a modern tool of CRM:

  • Sales
  • Events
  • Projects
  • Marketing
  • Knowledge
  • Learning
  • Service to the client

€œIf it is not in CRM, it did not happen€. €“ Lars Helgeson

Using CRM

He collects data with a tool of CRM to segment for one better experience of the client. He can collect these data of several forms, including the presentations of forms, the addition of third parties, the automatic compilation and the measurement of the activity. 

In addition to using the segmentation to create content of better yield, also he can use the data of his CRM to add personalisation to his communications and to improve the experience of the client. This personalisation can include URL customized, pages of destiny or even CTA. 

€œThe USA data (and your imagination) to connect the points€. €“ Lars Helgeson

In 2018 it is practically impossible to be successful in his efforts of marketing and sales without the pursuit and storage or analysis of the digital elements. 

Session INBOUND 2017 of Helgeson changed the form about which our equipment thinks about CRM and marketing, and we hoped that through this brief summary, also we have convinced it of its importance. 

How we can help him in his Strategy of digital marketing?

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