Accepted forms of payment

In BestReseller-Hosting we have diverse forms of payment so that it can acquire or renew his services, through our System of Orders when finalizing its order is sent an email to him in which they appear the concepts and detachhed costs of his order, as well as the data to realise the payment according to the form of payment that it has selected during the hiring process.
In order to receive the payment data first it must directly make his order in our website, is enough with giving click in the button €œto contract€ and follows the instructions in screen.


Payment in line with credit card/debit

Clients inside or outside Mexico can realise the payment of their services in line, using their banking card. For greater comfort and rapidity we accepted Credit cards Visa, MasterCard either American Express through Paypal the card processor in line the more used of the world (safe site). When realising the payment with debit or credit card the system automatically registers the payment and activates its services.


If it already has account in Paypal, this form of payment can realise the payment of its services using. Its payment is registered immediately and is in addition the used form of payment more in the World. Some will not pay to commission, only the amount of the order to pay.


You can every day make your payments in OXXO and 7 Eleven of 8am to 8pm of the year. It does not matter if it is Sunday or holiday. The payments in OXXO and 7 Eleven are reflected immediately reason why your service is activated of fast form!

Bank deposit

Clients of Mexico can directly realise the payment of their services in window in anyone of the branches of: Banorte - Opened of Monday through Friday of 9:00 to 17:00 hours Saturdays of 9:00 to 14:00 hours.

Electronic transference

It can realise the payment of his services by means of electronic transference to our KEY of: Banorte. When paying through deposit or electronic transference, their services activate less than in 30 minutes after confirmed the payment.