Guarantee of Total Satisfaction

But the important thing for us is its satisfaction, reason why our services of Hosting Web count on a guarantee to protect their investment.

If for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 30 days on watch, we reimbursed his money to him.
This allows him to prove our service and to verify that the functionality, speed and conditions of the same are what you hope, without putting in risk their investment.



Reimbursement of its money in a smaller period of the 30 days of guarantee from the moment at which you subscribe yourself with us.


The cost of domain registry is not reimbursable. Substraera the cost of the registry of the name of domain of the total reimbursement. The amount will be according to the normal costs of Names of Domains. In case of Payment with Credit card, substraera a 6% by concept of commission of the transaction.


In order to make valid the guarantee we will ask for convincing sample to him (email, letter, etc.) that verifies some technical fault or requests nontaken care of. After realised the return, we will come to the cancellation of the service. This guarantee will be valid if it does not have pending payments (by additional space, e-mails extra, surplus of transference, etc.). In order to ask for the return of his money the client must send an e-mail to in which she will have to include the data of his domain, his name, his telephone and account number where there will be to deposit its return to him, in case of to have realised its payment in line the reimbursement will be by the same means.