Program of BestReseller-Hosting Affiliates

It leaves BestReseller-Hosting transforms his website into a source of benefits and money for you. It makes money to refer clients whom they buy in BestReseller-Hosting.

Simply banners or links in its site places ours, and whenever a person referred by her site buys in BestReseller-Hosting; you make money and referred his she obtains a discount.

You will make money with BestReseller-Hosting when referring new clients and obtain some of our services that are:

Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting

VPS Hosting

Digital marketing

Design Web


What cost must be affiliate of BestReseller-Hosting?

Nothing! There is no cost for being affiliate of BestReseller-Hosting, nor this forced to acquire some of our services.

I am already client of BestReseller-Hosting. I can be affiliate?

Yes. It enters your area of client and in the section €œaffiliates€ you can activate your account of affiliate, there same you can obtain the connections of text and image to insert in your website. The obtained commissions you can use them to pay the renovation of your services, to acquire new services or can receive the payment of your commissions as it is described ahead the more.

Can somebody of any part of the world be affiliate?

Yes. The services of BestReseller-Hosting are world-wide. The commissions are pleased in Pesos (MXN), but for affiliates of other countries it is pleased in American dollars according to the exchange rate of the pay day.

How I will supervise my commissions?

From his area of client in our site it will find the section of affiliates where it will be able to visualize in real time the amount of referred visitors and the balance in his account by concept of commissions.

How know does BestReseller-Hosting which affiliate referred a client?

BestReseller-Hosting uses URL only for each affiliate and the automated system detects the visits from each URL of affiliate (ex:

How one is pleased to the affiliate?

BestReseller-Hosting pays to him to the affiliate until 10% of commission received by hiring of our services.
The payment of this one commission is subsequent to the first payment of referred his, that is to say, if one of his referred contract a service of monthly, quarterly payment semester or annual, you will receive the respective commission, in this way you will receive a high commission if his referred contract of annual form since we offer discounts extra to the clients whom they engage of annual form.
You will be phelp approximately in the seventh day of every month. If its commission for any month is less than $500 MXN, the total amount will be transported to the next month. Once it exceeds $500 MXN, a payment will be sent to him approximately in the seventh day of the month for the complete amount due to its Paypal account.

Which is the minimum amount of commission so that I can receive a payment?

In order to receive payment, its account must accumulate $500 MXN either the more. If you have less accumulated, the amount will be transported to the next month or until you accumulate $500 MXN either the more.

Who can be member affiliate?

Any person or company who owns a website can be affiliate. BestReseller-Hosting reserves the right to cancel account of affiliate to those people or companies that do not agree to the interests of BestReseller-Hosting.

Who can be referred?

As member affiliate you can refer all the users who can. In order to receive commission the referred ones must enter to BestReseller-Hosting through their URL of affiliate. You will be able to choose how to include the links of BestReseller-Hosting in his site, she can use his URL of affiliate in his email or also initiate an email campaign marketing promoting the services of BestReseller-Hosting and using his URL of affiliate.
We offer an ample range of links/banners so that you can find the best option for his site.

Participate my can website in the program of affiliates?

Any type of website can be affiliate, but those are not allowed that have the following content:

  • Pornographic materials
  • Violence
  • Discrimination of race, sex, color, religion, nationality, or sexual direction
  • Illegal activities of any type
  • Violation of intellectual property
  • Others prohibited by BestReseller-Hosting


I must have a website to participate in the program?

No, you can participate in the program of affiliates has or she does not have website.

How active my account of affiliate?

First register yourself in our website, once in his account of user gives to click in the connection €œaffiliates€ there, it will appear a button €œto activate account of click affiliate€, once its account of affiliate is active when giving click in €œaffiliates€ you would apareceran its referred statistics to him of and total of commissions.
We offer an ample range of links/banners so that you can find the best option for his website.
When activating its account of affiliate will receive a bond of $50 MXN.