The use of the service of BestReseller-Hosting constitutes accepting and to be in agreement with the General Contract of Services in the same way accepts and this in agreement with the terms and conditions of use established and published by BestReseller-Hosting.

Where the context admits it: €œBestReseller-Hosting€ and €œWe€ include to BestReseller-Hosting and/or David Salazar Garay. €œYou€ or €œthe subscriber€ includes to the person who buys the service or to any part who acts by instruction of the client. €œServant€ means the servant of equipment of calculation operated by us in connection to provide the services. Considering the mutual commitment here established, the parts decide the following thing, which debera to be applied until I finish in this agreement.

When using our services this of agreement in being forced by the following terms and conditions:

1.Hospedaje Web & Email

1.1. We do not have representation some and we do not give to guarantee of the precision or quality of the information received by any person via the servant and we will not have responsibility some by any type of lost damage or of any information stored in the servant.

1.2. You debera to effect to realise and to maintain a suitable protection and endorsement of its information stored in the servant to avoid lost or damages of the same. Since courtesy we make a weekly endorsement of the Web accounts hosting of our clients, but this one is limited Web accounts hosting that do not utilizen more of 10GB of space in disc.

1.3 You represent, assume and guarantees that you only used the service assigned for you for legal purposes. in particular, you represent, guarantee and assumes for us the following thing:

1.4 You would not use the servant in any way that infringes any law or regulation or that damages the rights of third parts, in the same way permitira nor would not authorize any other person to realise it.

1.5 You cannot publish, direct or transmit:
(a) any material that this outside threatening, abusive, malicious, slanderous, obscene, blasfemante, profanante the law, or any other objectionable one in any sense.
(b) any material that contains virus or another type of computer program that is hostile.
(c) any material that constitutes, or foments to commit, one ofenza criminal or that infriga any patent, trademark, rights of designs, copyright or any other type of intellectual property of any person who can subsist under laws of any juridiccion.

1.6 the shipment of e-mails massive (bulk email) or solicitd or not asked for not this allowed in our servers, the accounts of the users who realise massive shipments of e-mails definitivamentemente podran to be suspended temporary or without previous warning.

1.7 You would not use you program that they consume of excessive way the resources of sitema, including but not limited cycles of the processor and memory.

1.8 We reserved the right to remove without previous warning any information who we consider unsuitable for his web site. We did not provide with accomodations Warez or illegal content of MP3 (ex. you debera to only raise MP3 if you own the copyright of the same).

1.9 You debera to surely maintain any identification, password and another type of confidential information related to your account and debera to notify to us immediately of the knowledge or suspect the nonauthorized use of your account or breach of security, including lost, robbery or nonauthorized use of your password or any other type of security information.

1.10 You debera to observe and to prevent the use with the processes and debera not to use the servant of abusive form which is determining to offer a service of quality to all our other clients.

1.11 You would try that all the mail that is sent this in agreement to all the legislations that could apply (including the legal protection of the information) and safely.

1.12 In the case of being usuary individual, you guarantee that almenos she has 18 years of age and in the case of being usuary of a company, you you guarantee that the service not sera used by a smaller person to the 18 years of age.

1.13 Any access to other connected networks to BestReseller-Hosting debera to observe the appropriate rules for those other networks.

1.14 While we will use any reasonable effort to assure integrity and security the servant, we did not guarantee that the servant was frees of users nonauthorized or not received or lost hackers and we will be free of any responsibility by emails or any other type of fault in the email.

1.15 the users who abuse the massive network when sending emails not solicitd (Spam), contained illegal, fraud, evasion of payments, tendran their name, direction of website, details of the abuse and direction IP published in our website to warn other suppliers of the service and ours resellers in way to reject to you future accounts to him. On the basis of the circumstances he would notify myself to him to his ISP of his actions and if it is necessary in the same way to the legal organizations and of police. We will not tolerate abuses to nustra network and the abuses seran punished in their principle extension under which the law allows.

1.16 In relation to clause 1,15, We have the right to make a position of fine by $5.000 MXN pesos, each case of abuse and abusing sera responsible by any cost that is incurred across us, our clients or any other company or business related to us.

1.17 If you abuse the network or we received some complaint about their account we realise a corresponding investigation and have the right to take to end the suspension of their account, if their action could have a negative effect for our business or any other related to us, in extreme cases we we will eliminate its account and we will finish our relation of businesses with you of immediate way. In given to circumstances a reimbursement not sera phelp. Kind to reclaim any money phelp in abuse situations they would be in legal procedures against you with the complete extension under the law.

1.18 When acquiring our services you accept the reception of our monthly bulletin of which it is possible to be desuscribir at any time.

2. Affiliates

2.1 we reserved the right to remove the account of an affiliate if it is found that this affiliate is fallen in the accomplishment of the following acts: The shipment of email nonasked for (Spam/Spamming), shipment of mail trash to announce and/or publishing of nonauthorized way in forums of the news, to conduct some battle that could damage our reputation of businesses, or the one of some company or business related to BestReseller-Hosting.

2.2 We reserved the right at any time to increase or to diminish commissions and percentage to our affiliates without reason some and of removing the scheme of the affiliate at any time.

2.3 the commissions of our affiliates are calculated and phelp in $MXN ( pesos).

2.4 the affiliates recibiran their commission when they have a balance of $500 MXN ( pesos) or but. When this amount is reached was realised I deposit the first capable day of the following month.

2,5 Clients who find our services via Internet by means of the link of an affiliate deberan to give validity of the provinencia of the contact at the time of the hiring in our system or to realise the hiring by means of the website of the affiliate, otherwise this commission would not be applied.

3. Availability of the Service

3.1 We will use the greater reasonable effort to do that the servant and the service this available one for you all along, nevertheless in any event, we will not be responsible by interruptions for the service or the time that the servant this out of line.

3.2 We have the right to suspend the service at any time, for any reason and without previous warning, but this suspension lasts 24 hours or but days you would notify the reason to him of this suspension.

3.3 the services provided to you and their account with us cannot be transferred or be used by anybody but that you. If one is that its account has been transferred to another part or shows another type of activity that violates this clause, we have the right to cancel and to finish the account and to finish to the service and/or this agreement of immediate way.

3.4 the guarantees of reimbursement and up time are not been worth for the nonimputable causes, that they prevent him to use the services that provide our servers:

* Any act or omission of our clients, including not exclusively to any neglicencia, premeditaded act or bad use of our services or equipment that it prevents us to provide our services.
* programmed Maintenance of our network of servers.
* Failure of the user in reporting quickly the incident and opening a support ticket or to contact to us.
* Problems other people's to our network of servers (suppliers of Internet to our network, connection of the client or problems with its PC) who do not affect the 100% of our network of servers.
* Interruptions or failures of services individual, imputable to software of third people, abuse of clients or sobreuse of resources.

4. Payments

4.1 All payable position that you must realise by the services will be in agreement with the scale of positions and the tariffs published by us in our Web site and will have and payable in advance at the disposal of our services. We reserved the right to change the prices at any time and without previous warning nevertheless all the prices are guaranteed to you by the period of time that its pre-payment has realised.

4.2 the payment of the services is realised of monthly, quarterly, semester, annual way or by the time decided with our sales department until the moment that we receive the warning of closing of the account.

4.3 All the payments deberan to be in MXN ( pesos), USD (American dollars) or EUR (Euros), according to the place of their residence or its currency.

4.4 Without prejudice for our other rights and remedies under this agreement. If the payment of any sum that you must pay not is realised us before the date limits, we will have the right total to suspend the service you.

4,5 sent Requests of order by means of gratuitous accounts of email are subject to confirmation via telephone so that the account can be activated.

4.6 Of time when they are realised controls of security and the new clients podran to be telephoned for the confirmation of the service before this it begins to be used.

4.7 If you owe or have pending positions by one or but services we reserved the right to ask for the immediate payment of the corresponding debit or to supender or to finish all the services that you have with related BestReseller-Hosting and his websites.

4.8 the lack of counted payment during 5 days as of the date of victory of its payment would cause suspension of the same.

4.9 a position of 7,5% will be applied on the total amount to pay by delay in the payment if its payment is received during or later to the date of victory of the same.

4.10 a 10% position will be applied on the total amount to pay by reconexión of the service if its service has been suspended (it applies only to dedicated servers)

4.11 If the debits that you have to us with us not are received completely passed 30 day after ours completes request of the same sera considered a fraud and our policy by fraud, as website is detailed in ours, sera used to realise the collection of these debits without exception some.

4.12 All cancellation on watch will have to ask for as minimum 72 hours before the date of victory of () the service (s) contracted (s), opposite case will have to pay the following period to come to the cancellation of its service.

5. Completion of the Lodging Web

5.1 If you fault in the payment of any debt that she has with us can suspend the service and/or to finish this agreement of immediate way without giving warning you.

5.2 If you fault in the fulfillment of anyone of the terms and conditions of this agreement, we will be able to suspend the service and/or to finish this agreement of immediate way without giving warning you.

5.3 If you are a company and you enter insolvency for the liquidation or undergo the appointment of an administrator or an administrative receiver or enter a voluntary adjustment with his creditors, they will give right to suspend the services us and/or to finish this agreement without giving warning immediately you.

5.4 the reimbursements seran given to criterion of the administration, including reembolzos by annual quotas.

5.5 we reserved the right to suspend the services and/or to finish this acuerdo/su it at any time counts without warning or reason.

5.6 In the completion in this agreement or the suspension of the services they will straight give us immediately to block his site of the Web and to clear all the data located in him.

5.7 When it is received a request of completion of the account only will be realised if it contains test enough that we know that it came from the authorized user of the account. Such required information is: account number, username, password. We can ask for the information to verify their identity to him who we consider necessary.

5.8 When it is received a request of valid completion of the account will be finished immediately. We did not accept the completion requests that ask for the cancellation in a future date.

6. Illegal abuses and activities

6.1 In case of incurring illegal abuses (some before mentioned in clauses 1,15 and 1,17) and/or activities, that require procedure legal, these deberan to be realised in first instance in one or several of the juridicciones to which we accepted, including but not limited the legal and police institutions of these juridicciones.

6.2 the juridicciones in which we were protected are: The United States.

7. Remarketers (Resellers)


8. Lodging Web of sites for Adults

8.1 We by no circumstance allowed content for adults who contain people smaller to 18 years of age.

8,2 Clients of lodging of websites for adults are in agreement in which we daily review the content of their website for protection against child pornography and/or illegal content.

8.3 Any client who is found in their web site child pornography and/or illegal content. Its account sera finished of immediate way like this agreement and the found content sera passed to the competent authorities and institutions that deserve it in All the cases.

8.4 a position by $50.000 MXN ( pesos) sera applied to any client who is him providing with accomodations child pornography and was not pleased reimbursements.

8.5 we reserved the right to eliminate and to finish to our criterion culaquier website with content for adults.

9. Certificates SSL

9.1 the positions by €œCertificates SSL€ are not reimbursable.

9.2 Requerimos the test of the authority for the name of domain for which the certificate is asked for, and the test of the identity before we publish his certificate. The test is due to send to us by email electronic to the mail that is indicated to him.

9.3 For businesses the test of the same by means of the charter is required.

9.4 the certificate is by a period of 12 months or blocks of 12 months only. You can renew his certificate before she expires, so that the service is continuous.

9.5 If the payment of the renovation is not received in the end of the period of the service of 12 months its certificate will be suspended.

10. Servers of Streaming (Audio and Video)

10.1 Our packages of servers of audio and video streaming do not have a minimum contract, you podra to cancel at any time.

10.2 the asked for reimbursements will be applied according to our policy of total guarantee.

The 10.3 support for software not this place setting by our policy of administration of servers unless the same is the Control Panel proveído by us when buying their service of streaming.

10.4 You must let know to any person (s) that could use the servant of streaming about our terms and conditions and our policy of privacy, despite do not have to disclose that we are its supplier on watch.

10.6 If you set out to resell services to other individuals via your website then you must fulfill our terms of use.

The 10.7 service will not begin until we found received confirmation of his payment.

10.8 are prohibited the transmission of any material that constitutes, or foment to commit, one ofenza criminal or that infriga any patent, trademark, rights of designs, copyright or any other type of intellectual property of any person who can subsist under laws of any juridiccion.

11. Domains

11.1 All the domains that it contracts through BestReseller-Hosting are of their property and they are registered to his name, if it does not decide to renew his contract of hosting can renew only the domain with us or transfer it to another supplier.

11.2 Once a domain has overcome sera possible not to transfer it with another supplier and it will be necessary to renew it with us.

11.3 You have a term of 30 days later to the victory of his domain to realise his payment, if its domain were automatically renewed by BestReseller-Hosting after these 30 days the domain is property of BestReseller-Hosting, we in time reserved to the right sale or use of the name of domain nonrenewed.

A 11.4 domain renewed automatically by us does not happen to period of redemption after 30 days of its victory, this period of redemption is of 30 days and to renew a domain in redemption the applicable quota is due to cover. If a domain in period of redemption is not renewed in this period it could not be renewed and it will have to hope to that he is free for registry again.

11.5 If you pay his domain via our system of payments of Paypal we can authorize or only carry out the transference of the domain to another supplier once 90 days of the payment of the same have passed.

12. Return of payments

The 12.1 If a service has been used and client that has phelp with credit card/debit or paypal asks for to his bank the procedera return of the same then legally against the client to recover these payments in all the circumstances.

12.2 In the cases of cancellations anticipated in services of Web hosting, audio streaming, dedicated video streaming and servers is return of the phelp no amount, this because to guarantee the benefit of the service that the client contract we are ourselves forced to invest part of the phelp amount. Also the corresponding percentage of taxes is pleased to the Secretariat of Property; In the cases of services as Web hosting, audio streaming and video streaming the client can make use of the service to date of victory if therefore it wishes it, or can use a new service of equal or minor cost by the time of use of the service contracted initially. In the case of registry/renovation of domains and dedicated servers does not exist reimbursements nor interchange by other services.

12.2 Without exception some all the action by fraud automatically is reported to the police and tried according to our policy by frauds as this detailed one in our website.

12.3 In any case of child pornography in our servers sera reported to the police and we will work with this institution to assure that legal action exists against hers. We never will tolerate these actions.

13. Law

13.1 In case of dispute, between the user and BestReseller-Hosting, the parts are you allow and in agreement in being put under the courts and the substantive and adjective laws of the City of Gomez Palace, Durango, Mexico to dissolve their differences. Reason why they resign to any forum and legislation that them could be applicable because of its present or future address or by any other cause.

14. Titles

14.1 the titles are only included in this agreement for the convenience and they will not affect the construction or the interpretation in this agreement.

15. This Agreement

The 15.1 user at the time of registering itself as new client in the module €œTo contract€ and to draft his order buys, is according to which these acts (terms and conditions, policy by Spam) are considered as their express consent and in writing to the content in this page.


The use of the service of BestReseller-Hosting constitutes accepting and to be in agreement with the Terms of the Service in the same way accepts and this in agreement with the Policies of Acceptance of the Service and Spam established and published by BestReseller-Hosting.

policy of acceptance of sevicio (€œPAS€) of BestReseller-Hosting is provided to give to our clients and users a clear understanding than it waits for BestReseller-Hosting of them whereas they use the service.
In agreement with our TDS (Terms of the Service), BestReseller-Hosting podra to remove any material, that is our criterion, can be illegal, that pudieramos to be subject to responsibility, or which could violate this PAS. BestReseller-Hosting can cooperate with legal authorities and/or or third parties in the investigation of any crime, or suspects or misdeed civi. If the client violates this PAS was in the suspension or immediate completion from their account in BestReseller-Hosting.

This document is provided for a basic entiendimiento of the policy of acceptance of sevicio of BestReseller-Hosting. The following are you rule for the establishment and the application of the PAS of BestReseller-Hosting:

* To assure a reliable service to our clients.
* To assure the privacy and security our systems and our network, as well as the networks and systems of others.
* To accept the existing laws
* To maintain our reputation com a responsible supplier for services.
* To animate the use responsible for the Internet and to desalientar the activities that reduce to the utility and the value of the services of the Internet.
* To preserve the value of the resources of Internet as conduit for the free expression and the interchange of the information.
* To preserve the privacy and security of the individual users.

Whereas BestReseller-Hosting is supports firmly to the principles of the free expression, certain activities that can be detrimental to the resources of BestReseller-Hosting and the Internet and cannot be allowed under the justification of the free expression. The resources of BestReseller-Hosting and the Internet are limited, and the abuse of these resources by a user has a negative impact in the whole community.

You cannot use his account to publish material, that to criterion of BestReseller-Hosting determines, of being illegal, indecent or disagreeable. For the intentions of this policy, €œmaterial€ talks about to all the forms of communications including narrative descriptions, graphical (photographies including, the illustrations, the images, the drawings, the standards), feasible programs, recordings of video, and recordings of audio.

If an account of BestReseller-Hosting is used to violate the policy of acceptance of sevicio or our TDS, we reserved the right to finish the service of the client without previous warning. We prefer to warn clients of the inadequate behavior and to take any necessary remedial action, nevertheless, the flagrant violations of the policy of acceptance of sevicio will give rise to the immediate completion of the service. Our lack to make fulfill this policy, for any reason, will not be interpreted as resignation of BestReseller-Hosting to the right to do it at any time.


The following constitute violations of this PAS:

Illegal use: The services of BestReseller-Hosting cannot be used for illegal intentions, or in the help of illegal activities. BestReseller-Hosting reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or third parties affected in the investigation of any illegal activity.

Damage to minors: the use of the service of BestReseller-Hosting to the damage, or attempt to damage, juniors anyway, including, but not limited the child pornography.

Threats: The use of the service of BestReseller-Hosting to transmit any material (by the E-mail, uploading, publishing or of any other way) that threatens or animates to the damage or the physical destruction of the property.
Damages to people: The use of the service of BestReseller-Hosting to transmit any material (by the E-mail, uploading, publishing or of any other way) that damages some person.

Fraudulent activities: The use of the service of BestReseller-Hosting to realise fraudulent supplies such as to sell or to buy products, accessories, services, or any type of financial activity such as €œpyramidal schemes€, €œschemes of commissions€, and €œchains of sale€.
Falsification or personification: It is prohibited to add, to remove or to modify the headed ones of identification of the network in a effort to deceive or to avoid the identification in the network. Any type of identification information is extrictamente prohibited attempting against any person using to personify this person. The use of remailers anonymous or nicknames (on names) does not constitute a personification.

The shipment nonasked for of commercial mail or bulk e-mail: (Spam) It is specifically prohibited the use of the service of BestReseller-Hosting to transmit to culaquier type of commercial email and/or bulk email nonasked for.

E-mail/News Bombing: The ill-disposed attempt to prevent to another person the use of the services of email or the news would be in the immediate completion of the account that realises these activities.

E-mail/Message Forging: To modify, to create or to eliminate the headed ones of the messages of partial or total way of any original or transladada electronic transmission by means of the service of BestReseller-Hosting consider a violation to this PAS.

Accesses not nonauthorized: It is strictly prohibited to use the service of BestReseller-Hosting to accede, or to try to accede, to the accounts of others, or penetrating, or trying to penetrate, the safety measures of BestReseller-Hosting or of any other organization of software or hardware of computers, systems of electronic communication, or systems of telecommunications, if or intrusion does not give rise to it to the corruption or to the loss of data, the account is subject to its immediate cancellation.

Rights of author and trademarks: The use of the service of BestReseller-Hosting to transmit any material (by the E-mail, uploading, publishing or of any other way) that infringa any right of author, trademark, patent, or any other right of property of third parts.

Personal information storage: The use of the services of BestReseller-Hosting to store, or to try to store, personal information of third parties without the knowledge and/or concentimiento of the same.

Interruptions of the network and nonfriendly activities: The use of the services of BestReseller-Hosting for any activity that affects the possibility of other people or systems of using the services of BestReseller-Hosting or the Internet. This includes negation of the denial service €œof service€ (TWO) against other networks or individuals. This prohibited to interfere with or to damage other users of the network, services or equipment. It is responsibility of the members that its network is safely formed. The client not podra, directly or indirectly, to allow to others using its network for unsuitable and/or illegal activities. The client cannot allow that its network, of direct or indirect way, to be formed of a way like gives to third parties the capacity to use its network in an illegal or inadequate way. The entrance and/or the nonauthorized use of another computer science system of compañíaa and/or individuals will give rise to the immediate completion of the account. BestReseller-Hosting will not tolerate any client whom it tries to have access to the accounts of others, or penetrates the safety measures of other systems, if or intrusion does not give rise to it to the corruption or to the loss of data.

Fraud: It involves the knowledge of a bad interpretation or evacion of declarations, written or activities with intecion that receives them acted on before this.

Infractions of property rights: Distribution and/or publication to the infractions of rights of property already before mentioned will not be tolerated.

Distribution of Virus: It is prohibited the intentional distribution of software that attempts and/or causes damages, it hurts, or it bothers people, data, and/or systems of calculation. these offenses would be in the immediate completion of the account that realises them.

Unsuitable use of Software: The use of software or any other device that facilitates the continuous connection, by jemplo pinging, while the service of BestReseller-Hosting is used podra to be in the suspension of the service.

Responsibility with third parties: The third parties podran to maintain to the clients of BestReseller-Hosting responsible for some activity, using their account, that it violates you rule created within the policy of acceptance of the service.

Networks IRC: It is absolutely prohibited to provide with accomodations a servant IRC that you are part or that this connected to another network or servant of IRC. The accounts that are that they estan connected or they are part of this type of networks seran immediately removed of our network without previous warning.

Security: The client is responsible by the erroneous use for his account, inclusively is an unsuitable activity committed by a friend, relative, guest or employee. Therefore, the client must take action to assure that others do not have nonauthorized access to their account.

In addition, the client cannot use his account to realise a breach security of another account or to try to have the nonauthorized access to another network or servant.

Password (password) provides access to the account with the client. And it is responsibility of the client to maintain it safely.

To share its password and account of nonauthorized access with users is prohibited. You must take well-taken care of to avoid that others use their account since you sera totally responsible for such use.

Trying to obtain another password of the account of another one usario (s) is prohibited final, and can give rise to the completion of the service.

You must adopt safety measures adapted to prevent or to reduce to the minimum the nonauthorized use of his account.

You cannot try to avoid the authentication of another user or to attempt against the security of any host, network or counts. This includes, but it does not limit themselves, having access to the data nonanticipated for you, registering them or making use to access to a servant or counts to whom it does not have an authorized access, or drilling the security of other networks. the use or the distribution of the designed tools is prohibited to jeopardize the security. The examples of these tools include, but they are not limited, programs of obtaining of passwords, the tools to realise some type of fracture, or tools that analyze networks.

The user not to interferirar in the service of any other user, host network (€œdenial of service attacks€). This includes, but not this limited, €œflooding€ of networks, deliberate attempts to overload a service, and attempts to damage (€œcrash€) to some host.

The users who violate the systems or security of the network can bear criminal or civil responsibility. BestReseller-Hosting will cooperate completely with the investigations of violations of systems or security of the network in other sites, including the cooperation with the authorities of the law in the investigation of suspicious criminal violations.


The accounts of BestReseller-Hosting operate on the basis of shared resources. The abuse or excessive use of these shared resources in the network realised by a client tendra a negative impact on the other clients. The erroneous use of the resources of the network of a way that aggravates the operation of the network is prohibited by this policy and can give rise to the completion of its account.

The consumption excessive of resources is prohibited him, including, but not limited the time of the CPU, memory, space of disc and time of the session. You cannot use programs that consume resources of intensive way which they affect other clients negatively or to the operations of the systems or the networks of BestReseller-Hosting. BestReseller-Hosting reserves the right to finish or to limit such activities.

REPORT OF VIOLATIONS OF the PAS Of BestReseller-Hosting.

BestReseller-Hosting solicits that any person who believes that there is a violation of this PAS sends the information to the department of abuses in abuses (AT)

If it is possible, by favor she provides the following information:

* used direction IP to commit this violation.
* the Date and hour of the event, including the hour use on the basis of the GMT.
* Evidence of the realised violation.

Send an email to us with all the mentioned information, like previously historial of accesses of the system (system log you case out). Another type of situations podran to require different methods to provide the information indicated above. BestReseller-Hosting can take one or more from the following actions in response to the complaints:

* written or verbal Warnings.
* To suspend the account of the client.
* To finish the account of the client.
* To send to the account to the client by costoss administrative and/or the positions of the reactivation.
* To take legal action against the client that I realise the violation and/or to collect the expenses that have been generated by the damage, if there are them, caused by the violation.


BestReseller-Hosting reserves the right to review, to amend, or to modify this PAS, our TDS (Terms Of the Service) and our other policies and agreements at any time and anyway. Any announcement of some revision, enmendacion, or modification sera announced according to our TDS (Terms of the Service).


BestReseller-Hosting does not allow nor would tolerate the shipment of email nonasked for (Spam) by means of our network. If it is discovered that the client has realised €œspaming€ by means of his account, a position of fine by $5.000 MXN would be applied to him ( pesos). Any complaint received against the client by reason for Spam sera investigated by our equipment of abuses, any complaint (s) that is not justifiable against the nonprocedera client.


Our political one on endorsements depends on the type on watch who you have contracted. Since courtesy we make weekly endorsements in all our servers except dedicated servers.

We can recover the content of his website, emails and data bases from the last endorsement; But this does not mean that you must omit maintaining endorsements of his content.

The endorsements are generated every week the day Sunday, only the new endorsement stays stored. We do not offer guarantee some on the endorsements.

You are responsible for the endorsements and content in his account service.


1. What means €œlimitless€?
BestReseller-Hosting does not establish an arbitrary limit or to limit the amount of the resources of a single subscriber can use. Of good faith and with subjection to the present conditions, BestReseller-Hosting delivers all the commercially reasonable attacks to offer to its subscribers all the resources of storage and necessary bandwidth to feed his successfully (s) site (s) Web, as long as the use of the service on the part of the subscriber fulfills these terms.

When not establishing limits in the resources it nails we are able to offer low prices.

As result, a typical website can undergo periods of great popularity and the consequence greater capacity of storage without undergoing no increase in payments associated to its account of Web hosting.

2. What does not mean €œlimitless€.

BestReseller-Hosting uses complexes mechanisms to protect to its subscribers and the systems of abuses.

Offering BestReseller-Hosting €œlimitless€ plans of services it does not intend to authorize the actions of only or few subscribers who of unjust way negatively affect the quality in the service of other subscribers.

The service of BestReseller-Hosting is a service of shared lodging, which means that several websites lodge in the same servant and compartien the resources of the servant.

The BestReseller-Hosting service is designed to satisfy the typical needs with the small businesses and the subscribers of considered websites typical. It is not the intention to support the maintained demand of the great companies, businesses, international, or applications that are not typical and that more are adapted for the hiring of a dedicated servant.

BestReseller-Hosting will deliver all the commercially reasonable attacks to provide additional resources to the subscribers who use his (s) site (s) Web in accordance with these terms, including the incorporation of subscribers for the new and greater shared servers for if it is necessary. Nevertheless, with the purpose of guaranteeing a consistent experience and of quality for all the subscribers, BestReseller-Hosting applies automatic protections to protect against a too fast growth and to affect the system adversely until BestReseller-Hosting can evaluate these needs of resources.

3. Limitless space of lodging.
BestReseller-Hosting does not establish arbitrary limits in the amount of space in disc a subscriber can use for his (s) site (s) Web nor acquires additional rates on the base of a greater amount of used storage, whenever this use of storage fulfills these terms.

It considers, nevertheless, that the service is designed to lodge typical websites.

BestReseller-Hosting in line does not offer limitless space of storage for backup copies, electronic file storage, documents, archives of registry, podcasts, videocasts, etc. and any use that is prohibited by the General Contract and Terms and Conditions of Use will consequently have the cancellation of the Web account hosting of the subscriber with or without previous warning.

Accounts of Web hosting with an excessive number of archives that affect negatively to the yield of the BestReseller-Hosting servant will be able to solicit that the number of archives is reduced to support its correct operation.

4. Transference of archives limitless.
BestReseller-Hosting does not establish arbitrary limits in the amount of traffic of visitors who a website can receive or of the amount of content of a subscriber it can raise his website in a determined month, nor acquires additional honoraria based on these aspects.

BestReseller-Hosting increases the use of bandwidth as long as the use of the services on the part of the subscriber is in agreement with these terms.

In the majority of the cases, a website will be able to support as much traffic as the subscriber can catch legitimately. Nevertheless BestReseller-Hosting reserves the right to limit the time of processor, bandwidth, processes, memory, or the number of archives in the cases in that it is necessary to avoid a negative impact on other subscribers.

5. Limitless domain.
BestReseller-Hosting does not establish arbitrary limits on the number of domain names that a subscriber can associate with account of contracted lodging Web reason why he will not have to exceed in any case the amount domains allowed according to the plan Web hosting or lodging contracted Web.