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How to redesign a faster and centered website in the yield

The yield can be a great obstacle for the professionals of the Web, since the websites become complex more and more. The so large average of the websites has increased constantly throughout the years, which does that the slow times of load and the little ease of use are too common. 

In order to complicate the things still more, since Internet has become more accessible for the people worldwide and the use of movable Internet continues dominating, the fast connections are not guaranteed for the visitors of their website. 

These problems have increased the importance that grants to the yield when creating a website. The details as the time of load, the size of the page, the number of resources, etc., now must be to the vanguard of the conversation during any project of website.
Many recommended practices exist to improve the yield that require a development experience highly technician for their implementation. Nevertheless, there are some ways to cause that the yield is a priority in their website that does not require an ample technical knowledge. The yield no longer would have to be only a preoccupation for the developers, but for all the involved in the creation of a website. 

The designers Web, in particular, play an important role in preparing the scene for the yield of a website. The following advice and better practices can help it to create websites that are fast and easy to use. 


The best way to avoid problems in the phase of development is from the beginning to involve to its developers in the design process Web. The development equipment must review all the compositions of design before they are completed and they approved so that they have the opportunity to raise any restlessness on the problems, including the yield, as rapidly as possible. 

This will save long term time and effort to him and will avoid to have to sacrifice the integrity of the design when the website is constructed. 
The collaboration is important.


It remembers that you are designing for a multitude of experiences. Either a size of small screen the more for movable users or a slow connection of Internet for others, considers how a website design will be translated in those experiences. 

If complete groups of users are only an idea of last moment, it is probable that you are fighting to more ahead find solutions in the project. 

Now, that does not mean that it cannot create complex designs, only makes sure to have considered how the elements can be fit or be simplified to provide a more basic experience when it is necessary. 


The images are often the guilty major when it is to diminish the yield. As the desktop computers have become greater and the resolutions of screen have increased, they also make the size and the amount of images that the designers Web use in our websites. 

This he is not necessarily something bad! The images are a crucial part of an effective website, since they can help to establish a connection with the users and to improve the rates of conversion. Nevertheless, as they are so important, the optimization of the images is due to consider carefully so that they do not slow down his website. 

Here there are some things that must consider when using images in their design: 

It evaluates the amount of images that really you need. It does not only use images to fill the space, but because it is adding something of value to the content. All the pages do not need an image! 

It uses image treatments to reduce the size. There are several effects that you can apply to the photos to maintain low the sizes of the archives. For example, to change a photo black and white, to add a color superposition or to desenfocar parts of an image will reduce the size of the image. 

It tries with a type of different file. It considers to use illustrations or icons in his website to be able to take advantage of SVG, that usually are much more small that the png or JPG. It considers the file formats of image available and selects them consequently. 

To compress images. If this falls to the designer or the developer depends on its job stream, but anyway, make sure that the final image given to its user is compressed possible.


Sometimes, a better yield of the website is as simple as to reduce the amount of customized sources that incorporates in the design of its page. This also is applied to the weights of a source that is also using. 

Whichever minor is the variety of sources that uses, minor will be the amount from archives to which she will have to accede and faster its site will be loaded. He twice takes this in consideration from the start of a design and piénselo before introducing another source. 


When designing how a user will interact with a website, it is important to consider things as the interactive movement and elements, since these characteristics improve the experience of the user. Unfortunately, they also can have a negative impact in the yield. 

Although there is a little while and a place to only add animation or interactivity by diversion, the performance is a more important preoccupation. It on purpose uses animated elements when they add value for his users. It consults with his developers to determine what types of effects could sacrifice the yield, reason why is designing the best possible experience. 

For example, it could consider to add a sliding control of image to a page that will move through several images. This means to add special functionality, that probably will increase to the amount of assets and the code loaded in the page. She would be equal of effective a single image in this space? Or he is something as well as a collection of product photos whose value for the user would be worth the time of boosting charge? It continues having this type of conversations centered in the yield throughout a project. 


Another form to reduce the time of load of the website is to reuse elements in its website. Each design of unique page requires more code to create. When designing new pages, consider what elements already have created and determine if they are possible to be reused instead of to create something new. 

For example, if it is creating a page of destiny for a campaign, it could reuse elements of the main site? Perhaps would a combination of existing and new elements work better? 

It is not limited to design something new without thinking about how it is related to the rest of the website. When settling down design patterns, not only create a experience of more consistent user, but also he guarantees that the developers can optimize better their code for the yield.


The perceived yield is the interpretation of the speed by a user, not necessarily the time of real property tax. It considers forms to improve the perception of a user, as showing an animation of simple load while the elements are loaded in the page or to include an answer message that appears after a user completes an action but before its site finishes processing itself. 

This is especially important for the users with slow connections that will have longer times of load. A simple screen of load even can cause that somebody more is arranged to hope to that the content was loaded. The design details as this they help much to improve the interaction of a user with his website. 

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