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Use of the modular design to create an efficient and profitable website

The design Web traditionally has involved a process of design based on pages. It identifies the different types from pages in a website and soon it designs a group of unique page for each type. 

Although this can be an efficient form to create some websites, the design process modern Web has changed the approach of the page groups to the individual components that form a page. This approach knows as modular design commonly. 

The modular design consists of creating a system of design with re-usable components and landlords. Those components can be combined of several ways in their website to create unique pages with the minimum effort. This does especially beneficial for the great websites, where to anticipate the needs of each page it can be difficult. 

It continues reading to know how you can benefit from the design modular Web and the advice for the implementation.


It promotes good design

The repetition and the consistency are principles key of the good design. When repeating component in their website, the visitors can begin to identify content landlords, which facilitates navigation and creates a experience of coherent user who can improve the rates of conversion. 

He makes agile the design process

During the design, he can limit the number of complete designs of page required identifying the components that will be reused in their website. 

For example, he can determine that the components that need for the inner pages include to banner of page, a section of content of two columns, a form and a call to the action. Once he has designed these components, it is not necessary to create designs of complete page with all the possible variations, with the understanding of which they are possible to be combined in a variety of designs. 

It causes that the development and the maintenance are more efficient

The modular design causes that the phase of development is more efficient because defines clearly the re-usable elements that they only must be constructed once and soon to reuse itself in a website. If it is needed to construct a new page, it is only question to join the existing components. 

This also causes that the code is easier to maintain in the long term, and the global changes in a component can be done of more efficient way. 

It saves money in the long term

The websites based on components are more profitable, not only during the process of design and development, but even after its website has been sent. 

The use of an approach of modular design for its website can help to prevent expensive redesigns. If it finds that the specific components do not satisfy their needs, it can consider to execute updates of design focused to the existing components or to add new components to his collection without happening through a complete redesign of the site. 

It gives to more control to the publishers Web

When combining a modular design with a good management system of content, this allows the publishers Web without developing experience to create new pages that see coherent professionals and with the rest of the website using the existing components available. 

In addition, the components used in the pages can be controlled by the content available. This avoids problems with the traditional groups of page where the content can not fit correctly in the predefined sections. 


When beginning with the modular design, he considers the following advice and considerations. 

He identifies landlords in your design.

As he advances in the design process, he looks for elements that can be reused of other forms in their website. Nevertheless, he is careful of not generalizing too much all the components of his site, since sometimes the content guarantees a unique presentation. He finds the balance between the flexibility and the personalisation that better adapts to its needs. 

He thinks in terms of €œrules€

To define the rules clearly exceeds how their components will be used during the design process will facilitate the things in the phase of development. For example, it is possible that it has a component that is only due to use with the lateral bar of its website. Perhaps alternatively, there is an image or button that would have to be optional. It only considers that whatever more rules add, more complex will become its components to construct and to use. 

To add components with intention

When it thinks about new components to add to his website, make sure to do it with a clear objective in mind. An existing can component obtain the same results? If it is thus, it considers if the new component is really necessary. 

You do not sacrifice the creativity.

There will always be exceptions when a page can benefit from a customized design on the use of predefined components. For example, a page of campaign destiny can justify unique elements of design to drive potential clients. It trusts the experience of his professionals of the Web to determine the best approach. 

To join documentation

A guide of style or a library of landlords with his components creates. This way, the publishers Web can consult quickly what component is available for them. The documentation is essential an effective modular design. 

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