How work do #hashtags?

Hashtags is used in the social networks to label key words or phrases in their own publications that wishes other users publish with the same label. In sites as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, when adding the sign €œ#€ at the beginning of a word is created a connection in which click can be made to open a full page of other publications with the corresponding labels. 
First hashtag was published in line in Twitter in 2007, and from that moment they have allowed the users of the social networks to discuss subjects with which they are outside its own network. This can be particularly beneficial for the subjects that need knowledge, to promote a social campaign and to impel the interactions of the users.

Nevertheless, hashtags is not only for the interactions of the user. Since 70% of the people use hashtags in movable devices and 55% of tweets with hashtags have more probabilities of being retwitteados, the use of these labels also must consider a part important of the strategy of digital marketing. 

How the companies and brands use hashtags.

The statistics show that marketing for the public in line is fundamental for the enterprise success. Like many tools and strategies of social means, the form in which its company uses hashtags must be based on its goals and objectives. The companies use hashtags to listen the others, to foment the commitment and to increase the knowledge of the brand. 

1. To use hashtags for social listening.

The professionals have been listening in the social discussions during years. The idea is to watch: 

  • of what your objective public is speaking,
  • of what your competition is speaking, and
  • What somebody in the social networks is saying on you.

Since hashtags usually is simple and ample terms, it can simply begin looking for the key words and phrases of destiny in the form of hashtag. If €œdigital marketing€ is one of its key words, it looks for €œ#digitalmarketing€ in Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ to obtain the first fruit. This will give an idea him of whom it is using that label and it will allow him to obtain valuable data on the perceptions of his hearing based on publications and discussions that finds there. 

2. Using hashtags with emojis.

One of the last tendencies in the social networks is the use of emojis, and hashtags is not an exception. In some platforms, as Instagram, you can in fact label the symbols emoji as if they were common words. For example, # 

 one becomes a cliqueable connection when it is used in Instagram. 

The other great tendency in emoji-hashtags is hashtag name brand emoji used in campaigns of greater brands in Twitter. According to AdWeek, when Coca-Cola sent to the first campaign of emoji with label of hashtag in Twitter the last autumn, it had more than 170.500 mentions in the first 24 hours. 

It is probable that the tendencies that include emojis continue as the small symbols continue growing in popularity. 

3. To use hashtags to foment the commitment.

If it is beginning to use hashtag, it tries to use some popular labels that already have many followers. The objective is to be united to the conversations, so it looks for labels that connect it with the users adapted for their objectives. It considers to incorporate hashtags existing in your publications that your hearing already uses. The dark or unique labels can work for events and companies really well on a large scale, but probably they will generate very little discussion if you are the unique one who use it. 

4. To use hashtags to increase the knowledge of the brand.

Since marketing in social networks to a great extent depends on the networks and the interchange, it will not be a surprise that hashtags can be very successful to increase brings back to consciousness. If it has bought a product of Coca-Cola recently, it is possible that it has observed #ShareaCoke printed in tins and bottles. This type name brand animates to the users to in line publish with that hashtag to share with whom they would share a refreshment. 

Nevertheless, this is not only for corporative giants, since it is probable that suggested the local assistants use hashtags. For example, a recent event in the area of Indianapolis used # RUN317 to connect to the assistants, sponsoring and average to the event, everything with the use of hashtag. 

Example: #IGoPurpleFor Campaign

In June of 3 years ago, the Association of Alzheimer used hashtag #IGoPurpleFor to create brings back to consciousness and to impel conversations in the social networks. C

June was the month of the Awareness on the Alzheimer, reason why hashtag #IGoPurpleFor was a popular label that the people could use in their own tweets or click in those of others to be united to the conversation. One of the benefits to incorporate hashtag in a campaign is that the users help to give form and to define the message so that their reach is authentic. This it is an important factor, since 92% of the people trust the people (even if they do not know them) on the brands. At the time of this publication, for example, #IGoPurpleFor statistical of commitment included:

  • ~ 600 messages
  • ~ 500 users
  • ~ 3,5 reached million
  • ~ 5 million impressions

It is important to consider that the campaigns of hashtag do not have to be used by hordes of people so that they are effective. It is strategic while one goes to hearings and it forms the messages so that they adjust to the objectives of the campaign to see results as increasing followers, subscribers or even potential clients. 

In order to take

Although a unique and specific form does not exist to use hashtags for the success, it does not have to be ignored in his strategy of digital marketing. If just it is beginning with hashtags, it is well beginning simply. Even if hashtags is the old news for you, still you are a good idea to maintain them basic. It investigates what hashtags will have the greater return of the investment for its campaigns/brand, makes a pursuit of the impact of the use of hashtag using data and information, and it is not scared to prove new strategies as the panorama of digital marketing changes and changes. 

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