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Good strategies for bad commentaries in social networks

One of the reasons for which some companies avoid to create accounts of social networks is because they are not prepared, especially to fight with negative commentaries. Lamentably, this intuition of which with the social networks it is probable that you find the bad thing with the good thing is precise, but it would not have to be a decisive factor to let grow your community in line.

It is more probable that the people continue being their clients if they feel that they know his company, can believe in his company and they like. Nobody (and no company) is perfect. The errors are forced to happen. The key to cause that these errors work to their favor to show that its company responds when the things leave bad. When they are handled suitably, the negative commentaries can become assets for their campaign of marketing Web. 

Here there are some strategies exceeds how strategically to handle the critics in the social networks: 

It evaluates all clients.

To be receptive is the key to show to him to value and attention its clients. Its company would not ignore to a client moving away of him/she nor his company would not take care of the telephone call of a client or would hang of him. The beginning to show the clients who you value them you are to respond, even of simple way, to any and all commentary. 

When one is to hide, to eliminate and to block commentaries, try to be selective and follow the publication policy of social networks of their company. Assure that his policy explains clearly what type of commentaries are unacceptable, so that there are not surprises when it is necessary to eliminate, to block or to hide publications. 

The unsuitable publications that include irrelevant attacks can and must be prohibited, but it remembers to defend itself courteously eliminating them of selective form. 

It responds with speed.

It recognizes and it reacts of fast and public way, but soon it realises other communications to solve the problem of form deprived by means of direct messages or by telephone. It responds with the voice of your brand and thinks about the suitable solution. It tries and it provides as much additional customized information in his answer as it is possible to completely satisfy the annoying clients. 

To provide a solution.

You do an excuse, surprise, or delights. If an unsatisfied client leaves a message, contáctelo quickly and uses this communication as an opportunity to solve its problem. It tries to provide a solution to them to his problem while it shows empathy. When doing it, you can transform a negative experience into a positive one. 

It is a conversation To continue speaking!

When one is to deal with negative commentaries, it does not follow a written script. Original in your communications. This authenticity will cause that their answers sound more genuine for their clients. Although he is definitively wise to have some you rule in his place, it remembers to use these you only rule as ideas exceeds how to respond and not as strict rules. 

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