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What makes a good design of website?

The design Web implies more than to select beautiful images and to choose an attractive type because what is popular always it is changing. 

You remember€¦ 

  • accountants of visits that register each visit in so many pages of beginning at the end of the 90,
  • corners cleared in almost all the photos at the beginning of century XX,
  • designed bellboys of great size for the majority of the warnings of call to the action in the middle of century XX, and
  • Used almost were the reasons for skeuomorphism for everything at the beginning of years 10?

In these days, nevertheless, it seems that almost all the designers have adopted a simplified appearance and have chosen an aesthetic one of flat design. 

Although the design tendency Web that will still follow in history in the next years is about to know itself, a thing is safe: the designers Web who make decisions of design based on the needs from the client will be the people who create the most profitable websites.


If he is not safe than it is needed to create a good design of website, it begins to identify what tries to make the users. Then, it uses that investigation of hearings objective, and these five crucial principles of design, to construct his strategy of website design: 

  1. Aesthetic
  2. Typography
  3. Organization of contents
  4. Improvement
  5. Wayfinding

1AestheticThe USA design patterns to create consistency. The design patterns are elements Web, as menus, I connect, bellboys of CTA and copy locations, who present repeatable landlords and appear consistently. 

He does not wish that their users think with attention when they sail through his website. He can use design patterns as a tool to improve the ease of use and to generate confidence when fulfilling the expectations of the users. 

The good design patterns of websites are also useful for aims name brand, but it does not only limit the preferred sources of his company and the trowel of colors established. In addition, he considers to repeat graphical forms and treatments. This repetition, done of thought way, can help to that navigation is more intuitive. 

The brand related to the design of T-Mobile is very strong, especially in line. They use the color of his main brand, the intense rose, intelligently as part of navigation of the site (as well as for the CTA) to create natural design patterns and a coherent appearance and appearance in all the website. is a good example of design of websites by its great use of design patterns

2Typographyit makes decisions from sources based on the legibility and the capacity of I scan. The readers do not read, scan. (He is honest: when it was the last time that read a webpage in its totality from top to bottom) 

What message you want to send to your clients? As it chooses sources for his project of design Web, he is essential to know his public and to think to whom it wants to attract and to influence through his website. It uses this information to inform what typographies choose for the design of their site, but it does not select too many! 

The integration of many different sources can cause that its website is disorderly and nonprofessional. A good general rule is to remain with two or three fonts. It looks for sources Web that agree with their message or identity name brand. Google Fonts has an ample library to choose, since their fonts are of open code (that, in the language designed by designers Web, does not allow their commercial use as much as personal), and its selections are generally of high quality in terms of legibility and legibility. 

Professional advice: if its identity name brand does not include any compatible option with the Web, it does all the possible one to select to the new sources Web that better adapt the established fonts that its company already is using in other materials. He finds an option that is versatile with several weights and styles (thin, regular, bold, cursive, condensate, etc.)
The modern use of the type of Digital Nurture creates visual harmony. From headed and the copy of the body to the connections of navigation and the CTA, they are coherent, reason why all their website is easy to read (and easy to sail). is a good example of design of websites by its excellent use of the typography.

3Organizationofcontentshe creates the balance with the correct combination of copy and graphs. She is worth the pain to be judicious at the time of discovering how to show the content, from the copy and the forms to the CTA and the image, in the design of a page of beginning or a page of destiny. 

You do not put everything that way. Less it is more for making sure that their website is not overwhelming. 

If it has problems to prioritize what wishes to share, considers the needs of its objective public and in the level pages superior it shows which is most excellent and only creates a destiny in line that is visually attractive and useful for their users. 

As the expert in Steve Krug usability advises in his book €œyou do not make think me€, your objective public would have to be able to discover quickly what you want that they do (and they would have to be able to carry out those tasks without being frustrated easily). 

While he considers how to use its design to provide different entry points and to form a clear and defined hierarchy, he follows these advice to drive different types from content to turn more visitors of the website into clients: 

  • To copy: it maintains the minimum and useful text, and uses the format (subtitles, lists with emblems) to divide longer blocks and to cause than the words they are easier to scan. It does not forget that critical the basic information but must be easy to find (and to present of a way that is easy to understand). For example, the information of contact of the service of attention to the client does not have to be hidden in the page nor to appear under an attractive label that causes that it is easy to ignore it.
  • Images: better, the photos and greater illustrations of high quality and are always more powerful than to construct their design from a great amount of graphs of size of postal seal of stock. To execute copy or graphs as logos on images? It does not forget to review the resistance to make sure that any reverted copy is legible.
  • Bellboys and forms of CTA: when he wishes that the people unload, they buy, they click or they register themselves for something, makes sure that their integrations are visible and prominent so that their users conduct those specific battles. He looks at your page of beginning. You are asking your users who do too much? He reconsiders what matters, soon returns to prioritize consequently. When Weather Channel wanted to optimize its page of destiny for a product of severe climate alert, they began to concentrate in only including a CTA, and that smaller change was in an increase of 225% in the conversions.

€œThe fact that to the people who constructed the site did not concern the sufficient thing to them since to make the obvious and easy things it can erode our confidence in the site and the organization behind him€. Steve Krug finds the correct balance with its combination of copies, forms, CTA and images. Although they have a great amount of content to share on an ample range of subjects, the pages are designed to facilitate I scan and to find the information that needs. is a good example of design of websites for its organization of strategic content

4Optimizationtime of load remembers! All want that its website emphasizes, but makes sure that their website is memorable for the correct reasons (and not because it is of load slow or difficult to use). 

A website that realises is also a website that is optimized, and the optimization begins with a good design of the website. The small details matter. 

For example, if it includes a basic video in the section of the hero of his site, to serve better all users, not only it loaded no great video and without publishing. Make sure to fit the resolution, the speed of bits and the duration of his video (the ideal runtime is between 10 and 30 seconds) to maintain the size of the reasonable file. And, you do not forget to clear the audio one! Not only one is one better practice for the experience of the user, but to eliminate the audio one of its video also will cause that the size of the file is smaller (and will diminish the required information to reproduce its video). 

Professional advice: he cannot tell with that all the visitors who arrive at their website from a smartphone or tablet have a fast connection wifi or a limitless plan of data, so she considers to replace any video of automatic reproduction in his section of hero with an image of marker of position for his movable device usuary Integra photographies showy, graphical vibrant and videos basic in its website to count the history of its important work in the fight against deals with it people, but they have incorporated strategically these powerful visual elements to guarantee that they load themselves quickly for the users. is a good example of design of website by its excellent optimization

5Wayfindingcreeuna navigation clear to help the clients to find what they need quickly. Is Its navigation intuitive? If it is not it, she would have to be. It looks more close by and makes sure that the design of navigation of its website follows these recommended practices: 

  • It uses clear labels: When choosing the labels of navigation connection, avoid the esoteric thing! It creates labels of navigation connection using common words and concise phrases that their real users could use to find what they look for specific content in his website.
  • It limits the amount of options: make sure that it does not have more than eight I connect in his list of elements of the main menu
  • He is consistent with the format: it creates uniformity repeating the options of color, size and positioning for the bellboys and connections of navigation.
  • The architecture of their site is considered when creating: it does not cause that the users look for the information who need. It maintains his possible flattest architecture so that there are not nothing else a few clicks of distance.
  • It thinks €œsticky€: make sure that its content superior is always accessible by means of the addition of sticky navigation.
  • It remembers that the hierarchy is important: if it is using several navigations, make sure that the hierarchy of their different menus is clear immediately through their election of design treatments, as sizes of source and weights.

The main navigation of is easy to use because his designer chose clear and concise labels. Also worthy of mention? The intelligent use of the icons in the pull-down menus that add useful visual tracks on the type of content to which they tie. is a good example of design of website by its clear navigation

The good design of websites maximizes the power of the images and the words to create websites that offer to small businesses and great corporations the same. If it does not see the results that wish in their site, it is hour to act. 

It can go ahead to his competition with a good design of websites and a strategy of audacious digital marketing, and our equipment is here for helping it if it needs help. 

It is hour to redesign his website?
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