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2 gratuitous tools that need in their strategy of digital marketing

As much the analytical one of websites as the analytical one of marketing is an integral part of the success of the digital strategy of their company. That probably is not the news for you. But, which could be the news is that there is a great amount of tools of gratuitous analyses in line available for you at this moment. 

Many people resign simply to a regular routine of revision of analysis because they do not know by where beginning. In this publication, we are going to deepen in an analysis tool Web and a tool of marketing analyses that can be used of individual form or combines. 

She continues reading to obtain data exceeds how Google Analytics and Facebook Insights can inform their efforts into marketing and Web of great ways.

Both types different from analysis: analysis Web against marketing analysis

Then, which is the difference between analytical analytical Web and of marketing? And, how they work together? 

marketing and website analytics Venn diagram

Briefly, it can use the analytical indicating Web to measure the key of yield (KPI) classic, as the total number from visitors to his website, appraises by ricochet, conversions, etc. 

The marketing analysis goes a little deeper. It can use these data to prove and to draw a complete image of his efforts of incoming marketing, because marketing channel is gaining more participation, what type of content is obtaining the majority of the actions, etc. 

In the crossroads of the Web and the analysis of marketing it is the ideal point, the precise area where it can see specifically what marketing efforts are directing most of the traffic in their website. The first step that must take is to begin to use Google Analytics to monitor the metric ones of its website. This will help him to know the tendencies traffic of its website. Then, Facebook Insights uses to weave in the data of marketing analysis to discover information on which of its efforts of marketing it is giving the best results. 

We throw a look more of near ours first recommended tool, Google Analytics. 

It begins with Google Analytics

Perhaps the tool of powerful more basic analysis and than all proprietor of a website would have to use is Google Analytics. Of €œhow many people visit my site€ To €œwhat type of content is most popular? €, Google Analytics has the answers. 

The first step is to install a code of pursuit in its site. Google step by step provides a useful guide on how incorporating its fragment of code of pursuit in several types of websites. 

Example of a view of panel of Google Analytics

Once its code of pursuit is integrated in each page of its website, Google Analytics will begin to register data. It will not notice anything surprising in the first 24 hours, but as the time advances, the view of its Board will begin to show tendencies. 

Of €œhow many people visit my site€ To €œwhat type of content is most popular? €, Google Analytics has the answers.

Metric that matters: Devices of visits and views of page

Its Board is a crucial tool when it is beginning to evaluate the yield of his website. It even can tell him how many usuary it has at the moment in his site (and what pages are reading). It is an excellent initial resource and it contains two metric important ones that it must watch: what type of devices is using his hearing to accede to his website and what pages visit more. 

To realise a pursuit of the amount of users who visit their site from a mobile phone can provide an answer to the question: €œReally I need a movable site€ In addition, it can use his Board to include the type of content of his hearing. it gravitates towards can give an idea him of what promoting in its commercialization and what to produce more in the future. 

Combining Google Analytics with Facebook Insights

Another important measurement of the registries of Google Analytics is called References. This report rakes from where the users are sent to their site. If All traffic sails to Acquisition > > References, it can see from where the majority from the people comes to its site. 

Generally, it can hope to see Google as the main controller. This becomes more probable as it improves his CATHEDRAL and it obtains a greater ranking search. 

It can fit this function by means of the bar search. It enchants us by the good that fits with ours second gratuitous tool, Facebook Insights. When we created information of social networks for clients, we used this stand for casks to analyze how many people arrived at the website of a client from their page of Facebook. This way, we can evaluate the value of his efforts on Facebook and of fitting his processes. 

€œFacebook€ writes in the bar search in the page of References to only filter the visit to the site through Facebook. Something to consider: is the direction of Facebook for movable devices. If it sees this in the part superior of its results, it is a good signal that now it is the moment for optimizing its website for movable screens. 

It can obtain granularity and even establish the interval of dates for when it executed a specific campaign on Facebook to see if there were some increase in the traffic of the website of Facebook during that time. Generally, it is an excellent tool to help it to understand better what it is happening between borders and to determine what direction needs for the future. 

It begins with Facebook Insights

Although the marketing analyses include more than only the channels of social networks, in this publication we will concentrate in the use of Facebook Insights as tool of marketing analysis. Facebook is one of the used and more lucrative channels of publicity more for practically all the types of businesses. Not only it can interact with a great hearing by a minimum cost or without cost, but it can realise a pursuit and also analyze his efforts with his powerful tool Insight de Facebook. 

Metric that matters: Publication of commitment, reaches and seen of page

Like in Google Analytics, Facebook Insights shows its results in a panel of easy reading that provides a general vision of high level of the points of more important data. Metric the most important ones to those than must pay attention in their Control Panel are the later commitment, the reach and the views of page. 

These three metric ones can work together to show what their efforts of marketing are evolving so well on Facebook. As anticipated, you want that the post commitment always grows. Based on the configuration of the algorithm of the line of time of Facebook, the pages of Facebook that they publish attractive content highly is favored (what it means that is more probable that they appear) in the lines of time of a user. 

As it increases the later commitment, it would have to see an increase in the reach. Reach is the number of users who saw anyone of their publications in the page of Facebook; basically, the total number of screens that it obtained during the period of time. The hope is that as Reach increases, more people feel forced to go to their page (and finally to its website). 

This can be tracked by means of the monitoring of the page views and our other favorite gratuitous tool (Google Analytics). If it sees that the visits to their page increase on Facebook, and the references to their website from Facebook in Google Analytics also would have to increase. Thus it is as you will know that your announcements of Facebook are doing their work. 

You do not hope more to begin to inform your strategy into marketing.

A small amount of analysis is even better than no analysis altogether. When using these two gratuitous tools, will be able to begin to make more strategic decisions on the content that shares as part of its strategy of digital marketing. The key is to track the data captured by these tools, to synthesize them and to create something significant for its process. 

We speak of your strategy of digital marketing

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