Internal marketing benefits to its employees and clients

It thinks about your interactions with the employees of another company. Which let to you with desire return by more, with desire to return to spend more of your money in its product or service? Most probable it is than it was because it had a good experience where the interaction felt clear and profitable. The takers of decisions of that business are doing something to obtain that clarity and value for you, and everything is a function of its commercialization. The salesmen, the managers of accounts, the producers and the representatives on watch to the client are extensions of their brand, parts of marketing mix that affect to the clients of several ways with regularity; make sure that they are part of his strategy of marketing research.

How he can help to guarantee that their employees are satisfied and, as well, to satisfy his clients? He continues reading to see how he can consider marketing internal, how he affects the employees and how he can have a great impact in his external brand and its results.

It is important to understand €œholistic marketing€: A strategy of integral marketing is developed thinking about the business as a whole, its place in the economy and the society generally, and in the life of its clients. It tries to develop and to maintain multiple perspective on the commercial activities of the company. Holistic marketing is important as philosophy, because it recognizes the necessity that all the company moves in the same direction of marketing. Not to be too textual (the orthographic corrector says €œtextbooky to me€ is not a real word), but in A for Framework Management Marketing, considered by many as the gold standard in the subject, marketing is defined in general terms using three basic concepts: Understanding needs Communication To reach value (to satisfy needs)

From here, the internal marketing, that communicates internally with its employees, follows two ways using these three concepts, and both are important for their business.

Internal communication of external marketing marketing does not have to be limited the marketing department simply. Rather, it must be a function that represents all the business. As a communication function, it brings back to consciousness of the employee helps to eliminate the mixed confusion or messages. If their 50 employees are considered spokesmen of their brand, then he must make sure that they are not spreading 50 different messages.

Because the today clients compare their experience with their brand as the brand in himself, she must make sure that his mission, culture, communication and capacity to reach the value they are always present in all the areas, including his employees. Looking backwards at our three central concepts of marketing, we could make the following declaration with respect to internal marketing for the communication of the employees: €œThe employees can serve better as an extension of my brand if the tools and the information are equipped with to understand the needs of the client, to communicate with clarity and to obtain value for the client€. But, how does a manager or proprietor of a company equip to his employees with such arsenal? When seeing the employee as its own client. Therefore, we could make a similar declaration on the employers/managers: €œAs manager, I can equip better my employees so that they serve as an extension of our brand if I understand his needs, I communicate clearly and I obtain value for them€. Office Meeting Ves what we did there? We take a basic concept from marketing research and gave the return to the public so that it was applied internally. This can obtain value for the employee of several ways: Clarity to avoid confusions (for they themselves and, as well, clients) Commitment with the culture of the company. Greater efficiency in its work. Greater respect by the management. Culture of positive company As manager, I can equip better my employees so that they serve as an extension of our brand if I understand his needs, I communicate clearly and I obtain value for them.

Satisfaction of the employee Beyond the roll of the communication, internal marketing is lent to itself as a financial benefit for the companies in a variety of forms through the satisfaction of the employees: Several studies show that the satisfaction of the employees drives to the satisfaction of the client the satisfaction of the client drives to a greater benefit loyalty increases as the employees become ambassadors name brand more forts. To reduce to stress in the place of work of the confusion and the annoyance the commitment of the employees is of great importance in competitive surroundings of employers Of limiting the rotation of personnel reduces the cost search, hiring and again personal qualification is Here where the management is with the human resources. When working of integral way, these areas can be approached to guarantee that the employees are satisfied and it jeopardize. Our similar declaration in this sense could be: €œMy employees will be happier and it jeopardize more if I understand his needs, I communicate with clarity and I obtain value for them, as much personal as professionally€. In the previous declaration, €œpersonally€ one talks about to the function of human resources: benefits, atmosphere of work, comfort, etc. €œProfessionally€ talk about to the satisfaction idea at work: autonomy, recognition, success, development, etc.

Smarketing (joint Sales/Effort of marketing) As we worked in a campaign of incoming marketing with a recent client, we understood that the most probable client for the product/service at issue era €œexisting clients€. This information brought about the question: €œTheir salesmen or managers of accounts know that they must promote this new product/service along with the campaign€

Arming to the salesmen with the information of this campaign allows them to be one better extension of the marketing function. At the same time, it would obtain value for those employees and it would value for his clients; The employees want to feel €œinformed€ and effective. Hubspot calls to this effort of sales/joint marketing €œsmarketing€, and is a key mechanism in an approach of integral marketing. Which are some ways to maintain their internal commercialization in the point? To segment its inner market. It thinks about his internal market since it does in his external markets. There are unique people within his business, and perhaps all are not used (it thinks about suppliers, contractors). Like customized marketing works externally, also it works internally. They are his new or old employees? It concerns plus the flexibility or the payment to Them? They interact with the clients or no? The personal communication is key. Internal marketing must consider the styles of management and the culture, but it has the best effects when it is approached of individual form. Like a salesman must have a nearer relation with a specific client, the managers must be more near their employees than any other, since they are adapted to individualize his communication. Cross-sectional departments Look for ways to find synergy and that to each other the departments can lean. A great campaign of marketing must tell on the equipment of sales and the equipment on watch to the client to even commercialize the existing clients. The personnel on watch of forward edge must know the objectives the company and include itself within the tactics. He shares the objectives with all the levels so that all comprise of the holistic mixture. A €œclient€ considers to your employee Like she wishes that the clients are loyal, enthusiastic and it jeopardize with his brand, must deliver the same attack to obtain those characteristics of the employees. To look through this lens will help to that their efforts of marketing are truly of all the brand.

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