Size of Images for Facebook

You remember the phrase €œyou do not judge a book by his cover€?

Good, that does not apply in Facebook (and other social networks).

Although always help to the clients to include better its brand through content, the first impression whom they always obtain from his company will be visual. Between logo, designs of websites or their photo of cover of Facebook, are the images those that feel the bases of their reputation in line.

He is why to have the correct size of the photo of cover of Facebook it allows to demonstrate his personality him, history name brand and even his intention as company. With the incorrect images, little professional and without preparation will be seen.

The good news? Everything what needs for a great social experience is a little simple knowledge of the industry and some advice.

To choose the correct size of the photo of the cover of Facebook
The correct size of the photo of cover of Facebook is of 820 pixels of width by 312 pixels of stop in the writing-desk. Nevertheless, the users of movable devices will see 640 pixels of width by 360 pixels of stop. The photo of correct cover of Facebook is the first step to portray the correct image in the social networks.

Too great, and important parts of your content will be trimmed. Too small, and its image will be prim and pixelada. Here there are some notes more on the best photo of cover of Facebook:

  • It must have a minimum size of 400 xs 150 pixels.
  • There is screen no available on the telephones with special functions.
  • In order to obtain the best results, it loaded a file less than sRGB JPG of 100 KB.
  • For images with a logo or text, it could be better as a file png.
  • The dimensions of the commercial page of Facebook are exactly the same that the personal accounts.
  • It considers that a great part of the present hearing of Facebook is movable, so make sure that no of its important contents stands out in a different device.

It remembers, his photo of cover no longer necessarily is static. Now it can use a simple video instead of a photo of static cover, that is a great way to share more information exceeds how its business works. Its video must have the same size that a photo of cover standard.

Ideally, you will want something that only lasts a minute. After all, if their clients focus in their photo of cover during too much time, it is possible that they do not have time to review the rest of its page.

Sometimes the sizes of images for Facebook in navigator determine the internal and external positioning of the own images. The sizes are expressed in pixels and the ideal resolution would be for 72 navigator would be pixels by inch.

  • So large Image Facebook PROFILE: 180 180 xs pixels.
  • So large CARRIED Image Facebook: 820 312 xs pixels.
  • Size VIDEOS OF COVER of Pages of Facebook: 820 312 xs pixels in MP4.
  • Size of the SQUARE publication images: 1200 xs 1200 pixels.
  • Size of the publication images of CONNECTIONS: 1200 628 xs pixels.

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