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Service to the client: why it is important, what does exceptional and how it affects to marketing?

What happens with the service to the client is that will always remember when has had a really good experience and also when it has had a terrible service.

That is certain also in the mind of our clients. The exceptional service to the client not only is nice to have. It is necessary.

Why is important the service to the client?
It knew that he is less expensive to retain clients than to acquire new? According to Entrepreneur, it costs approximately five times to attract a new client more who to retain one already existing one.

To offer an excellent service helps many companies to also obtain new clients through marketing of mouth in mouth. In fact, the happy clients count to nine people in average about their experience. (HubSpot).

On the other hand, a recent study of the Report of experience of the client determined that 82% of the people have stopped making businesses with a company due to a experience on watch to the deficient client. Then, yes, the service to the client is vital for the success of the business and it even provides a competitive advantage.

What is an excellent service to the client?
Often, the phrase €œservice to the client€ is relegated in our minds a technician who responds to the complaints of the clients in his small cubicle, that uses earpieces and that write to machine. Although this scene is certainly part of the concept on watch to the client, it extends much more there of the reporting line of support of the company.

The excellent service to the client even begins before the client commits himself with his business, is evident throughout any process of sales and implementation of products, and soon in the support and any future commitment.

We subscribed to the model on watch to the client €œPillars of Delight€ of HubSpot, that establishes a relation between the client and the company based on a trust and includes three main ideas:
It responds the questions of its client,
It solves the problems of your client, and
It reaches the objectives of your client.

How it is the service to the exceptional client actually?
One of the conduction principles that create loyal clients is the confidence. BestReseller-Hosting strives to maintain the confidence by means of a simple concept that it has a great impact: we do what tenth that we are going to do.

Simple, truth?

Yes, he is simple but also very powerful. Actually, to fulfill our word means that we are making promises informed and strategic to our clients and communicating the state in each passage of the way.

Although we do all the possible one to predict the landmarks and the lines of time of the project, some obstacles outside our control can occasionally turn aside a project. In those cases, we did not hide the problems nor we tried to accelerate the shipment, but we communicated any hiccup unforeseen circumstance with the client so that they are informed and always they know what we glided to solve the problems.

When communicating regularly the state of the project, eliminates the anxiety and the mystery of the process in the side of the client, and has the additional benefit to assure to each our clients who its project is a priority for our equipment.

Other examples to go further on for the clients include:
Writing personal notes, written by hand,
Sending birthday desires,
Sending an e-mail of check-in or saying thanks,
Doing a long time to respond to its thorough questions, and
To refer clients described to its product or service.
How it affects the service to the client to marketing?
The marketing of mouth in mouth is one of the older and effective methods of marketing, and the excellent service to the client is the heart of all the commercial strategies and marketing. The service to the client is related specifically to three aspects of its strategy of marketing.

  1. Revisions in line
    The commentaries of the clients are important in practically all the industries. Good or bad, its reputation in line affects the form in which the potential clients perceive their products and services. If its company has difficulties with the service to the client, it adopts a plan to cultivate positive experiences of the clients who can take to positive evaluations of the clients.
EWTip: good or bad, its reputation in line affects the form in which the potential clients perceive their products and services.
  1. needs of the client
    To maintain the open lines of communications from the beginning will allow him to learn more envelope which looks for their clients and what problems are trying to solve. To know these details can improve its commercialization drastically.
  2. case studies
    When offering a service to the stellar client, will begin to also compile positive commentaries and intentional improvements in its process that will cause that the trip of the client is much more easy. With the access to so good material, it is on way to develop some convincing studies of case that they show to his products and services.
    He is listo/a to work with a digital partner who values the experience of the client?

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