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6 things that we can learn of the evolution of the design of the beginning page

The technological advances and the tendencies quickly cambiantes have helped to initiate a new era of design Web. This has brought some very necessary improvements to the functionality, the strategy of content and the general experience of the user. In order to see these improvements in action, it does not look for beyond the page of beginning of a well designed modern website and.

When comparing the modern designs of the page of beginning with those of the past, can indicate to the changes in the strategy and the design that cause that the websites of nowadays are more successful. To include these changes can help it to evaluate better the effectiveness of its own website. It considers the following forms in which the design of the beginning page has modified when looking for forms to improve its website.


Digital marketing is more popular than ever, and the websites play a key role. To have a strategy is crucial when creating any successful website. It influences in the elections of design, decisions of content and more. This approach in the strategy has taken to more pages of beginning with messages of clearer and simplified marketing, and websites that more are oriented the user, since to begin with a strategy of good marketing defined to help to determine the direction of its website often help to increase the generation of potential clients.  


Previously, the beginning pages were full of content, trying to fit a variety of elements in a small space. Elements as the sliding controls of content were the main approach of many websites as a form to include great amount of content and multiple calls to the action in a section of the page.

Since then, the simplicity has become the norm, since the designers Web and the professionals of marketing understand better the value of presenting a focused message instead of to include as much information as it is possible in the beginning page. In its place, its page of beginning must show the first content most important and to guide the user towards the action that wishes that it realises. That means that the call to the main action must be obvious and another content that distracts the users of the main objective must be limited.


The height of the movable Web has hit perhaps the greater target in the form in which the design Web has changed years in the last, with technologies and better practices than adapt to adapt to the variety of devices that exist now. The users hope that the websites are functional in movable devices, and the receptive design has become the standard.

The tendencies of design of the beginning page have adapted consequently, favoring simpler designs that they adjust more easily to smaller sizes of screen. The use of movable devices must be considered from the start of any project of website and be integrated in line in its strategy consequently.


The navigation of the website has crossed a long way. Minimum navigation is now the popular option, unlike the long menus with a multitude of drop-down options.

The creation of an effective navigation requires a strategic mapeo of the architecture of the site and the limitation of the number of level elements superior in main navigation. This avoids that the users feel crushed or confused envelope where to go, and creates a more customized way through their website.


A designed good website is a more effective website, and is more tools now than in the past helping to obtain clean and attractive designs. For example, the typography can make a great difference in the legibility and the experience of the user, and the introduction of sources Web has allowed the designers to have more control exceeds how the content appears.

In addition, the displacement now more is accepted than in the past and the resolution of the screen is less important, allowing than the content fills better the space available. Many pages of beginning take advantage of this with images or videos in complete screen, greater text, more spaces in target and other approaches of design that before were not possible.

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Generally, the modern designs of websites have images and graphs of greater quality. Previously, the small images or of low quality were habitual, and the tendencies as skeuomorphism were in too complex graphs.

Now, more effects through style can be obtained than ever, reason why the use of graphs can be simplified. The images usually are greater and they are used of more impressive way. As general rule, the graphs and the images must improve the content without relaxing.

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