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7 better practices of marketing for millennials

It is not any secret that millennials is a unique hearing. For the companies interested in commercializing specifically for this base of friendly consumers with the technology, the methods can be complicated and the frustrating results. In order to help to that their efforts of marketing advance in the right direction with the youngest people, we compiled seven advice for marketing research to millennials. 

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1. Ditch traditional marketing.

The commercial announcements and other techniques of interruption marketing research are obsolete when it is millenarian consumers. It considers some of the brands that have been driven by these younger hearings, as Netflix and Spotify. Then, how arrive do the brands at this public? Short answer: when undoing of the traditional methods of marketing and adopting incoming strategies of campaign, interactive and oriented the consumer. In order to arrive at millennials, it also incorporates these methods in his strategy of marketing. 

2. To provide resources that offer solutions.

The Millennials buying are impelled by the investigation, that enjoys the process to buy in line, even when do not end up making a purchase. The content marketing, as articles of blog, groups of planning and tutorial in video, is very effective as field artillery material. The content marketing is only one of the components of the entrance marketing, a marketing method that has increased dramatically in the last years. €œThe Millennials are driving the change. The group of age of 18 to 34 years is doing 54% of its purchases in line, in comparison with 51% of the past year€

3. It sells your experience, not your product

The mercadólogos are more successful with millennials when they create campaigns based on experience and moods. For example, it is more probable that an airline arrives at millennials with campaigns on adventures and new experiences instead of announcements exceeds what so good is its service to the client. 

€œThe organizations of destiny marketing research (DMO) must move away to promote the destiny to a massive market and to trust an obsolete system of distribution, and its place to involve the client to guarantee that they promote and they offer the experience that wishes€. €“ John King, Direct Management of Global Tourism & Leisure.

4. The USA commentaries + qualifications for your advantage

We have discussed the importance of the revisions in this blog before, but they are particularly important for the hearing of the millenium. The recent tendencies show that 92% of the people trust the recommendations of the individuals (even if they do not know them) on the brands. With the integrated systems of qualification in many platforms, as Facebook and Google for Business, the intelligent consumers can accede to a variety of revisions for everything, from medical doctor's offices to cafeterias. He develops a strategy to ask for and to monitor the revisions in line to see a most successful with a millenarian hearing. 

5. To implement a website for mobiles

The Millennials review the social e-mails, networks and sail by Internet in their smartphones. In average, millennials spends a complete day per week on their telephones, according to TNS. If its website is not compatible with movable devices, it is little probable that it has a good performance with the users of the millenium. 

When a website has a design of sensible site, it means that it was codified so that is well in different sizes from screen, navigators and operating systems. For example, this website designed for Growing Grins Odontopediatría was personalized outside so that easy to use and attractive, whether the user is on its telephone, tablet and portable computer.

6. To use the authenticity in the mail.

The users of Millennial lie down not to trust the brands and the companies in the digital platforms, and leaves from that can be due to the language forced cold and that many brands use in the publicity to promote their products or services. The successful campaigns of marketing directed to millennials have begun to incorporate a more informal language, including emojis, imitating the informal tone that many people use when they share information with relatives or friendly. 

7. To invest in marketing in social networks.

One of the €œolder tricks€ in the marketing research book is to know its hearing in which are, and for millennials that means social networks. 87% of millennials use Facebook and 53% use Instagram (Pew). If its company aims at a millenarian hearing, he is crucial to develop a strategy of marketing in social networks and to invest in social platforms. 

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