VPS Hosting

With the operating system that it prefers our service of VPS Hosting is the best option for you.
BestReseller-Hosting particiona a physical servant in several deprived virtual servers, each has an amount protected and reserved of CPU and RAM. This one servant is part of a cloud of servers reason why you obtain uptime, yield and speed superiors.
VPS Hosting is a good option for the companies or users who are undergoing a fast growth in the traffic of their website or require the use of complex applications.

vps hosting

Plans VPS Hosting

Optimized servers VPS

MXN/mes* | -20%

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 40GB SSD disc space
  • 1000GB of Transference
  • 1 public IP
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MXN/mes* | -20%

  • 3 CPU Cores
  • 6GB RAM
  • 80GB SSD disc space
  • 2000GB of Transference
  • 1 public IP
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MXN/mes* | -20%

  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD disc space
  • 2000GB Bandwidth
  • 1 public IP
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Why to choose VPS Hosting

With VPS Hosting, it obtains the experience of a servant dedicated to a very competitive price. Our servers VPS use virtualizations based on kernel, a virtualization infrastructure that guarantees that their VPS is powerful, easy to use and very fast.

Storage SSD

Easy Upgrade

Linux distribution of your Election

Fast Activation

Easy Control Panel

Root access

Guaranteed resources

DDos protection

Technical support 24/7

Guarantee of Total Satisfaction


Accounts with us! We are to help you, consults the most frequent questions

What is VPS Hosting?

With VPS Hosting, hosting obtains a complete isolation in a physical servant for its accounts of Web. His Deprived Virtual Servant (VPS) will not be affected by other users and with the Root access he can install the applications that need in their servant. The disc CPU, RAM, space and the bandwidth assigned to their plan of VPS Hosting always will be available for their applications. A servant VPS offers all the characteristics to him of a servant dedicated to a much more low price.

How it is the technical support?

We know the frustrations our clients who come from other suppliers, between the main complaints are:

  • They do not respond the e-mails to me.
  • The support people not this enabled.
  • The e-mail that they give me works day yes, day no.
  • They have terminated the page to me of blow and sudden form without respecting terms.
  • They have not registered names the domain and I have remained without him.
  • There is nobody behind that company to help me.
  • They have not warned to me of certain expenses that did not hope.
  • The pages loaded to me slowest.

In BestReseller-Hosting we considered the support as part of the service, is not additional nor a something secondary.

Our technical department this highly enabled to help it and to offer the suitable support him.

We have focused competitive specialists in satisfying our clients, can contact to our equipment of support by mail in soporte@bestreseller-hosting.com, by means of our system of tickets of support from where it will be able to take to file of his requests of support and atendermos telephone route where him with pleasure.

What is KVM VPS?

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a type of virtualization in Linux servers that guarantees a fantastic yield and a security while it guarantees an isolation of resources highly optimized. The use of KVM in our servers VPS allows to give to a tremendous power of processing and yield us that their applications/websites need.

As soon as time they activate the service?

If its payment is in line with credit card/debit or Paypal initiates the activation process immediately, it will receive the data of access of its service in minutes.

If its payment is by means of deposit or transference to Bank the activation process initiates immediately that it confirms his payment to us, the access data are sent to him by email in a matter of minutes.

It has questions? Contact to us

We are dedicated to maintain your business with technical support 24/7 in line. Our equipment of support is always in line when you need it.