8 ways to increase the credibility of your website

8 ways to increase the credibility of your website

€œYou do not judge a book by his cover€.

Although this language has sense when it is to prejudge books on his appearance, the advice does not work with the websites. 

When he visits a website that seems professional little and a little extinguished, probably it is right good to suspect. The swindles of impersonation of identity (phishing) and the malicious websites are in all the Web, and the people behind them are aiming at whatever she has the low guard. 

She has an opportunity to cause one first impression, and only is why the credibility of its website is so important. With a designed and reliable website or, she can make that the clients feel like welcomes, create confidence and, if everything goes or, close the sales.
The majority of the buyers in line is expert, understanding that purchases must in line be cautious when doing. When you run into with a website with red flags, it is generally a reason sufficient Search a supplier substitute. 

It does not give his clients, nor to the potential clients, a reason to distrust of his website and to find an alternative. Do it more credible following these eight strategies. 


Sometimes it has clicked in some place of a webpage and, instead of was arriving at its wished destiny, redirigido to a different page that it shows an announcement? This is only one of the reasons for which the majority of the users of the Web finds the irritating announcements. 

Another reason is that well-known tactics hacker to rob information of users are to deceive the networks of announcements of websites so that they publish infected announcements. Unless the publicities are their main source of income, evítelas if it is possible or, as minimum, limits the number of people that runs to increase the trustworthiness of its website. 


To add credentials of security recognized its website will improve its state. He allows that the users know what safety measures has implemented its equipment of YOU to protect the visitors of the website. Here there are some examples of security standards.

examples of security badges


The inclusion of information of basic contact causes that their visitors know unconsciously that there is a legitimate business behind his website and that are people with those who can go and approach their restlessness, if it is necessary. 

In order to improve the reputation of his website, it includes information of basic contact, as: 

  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Connections to the accounts of social networks of its company in channels as LinkedIn and Facebook


The professional design causes that a website is seen more reliable and endorses its perceived experience. When its website is designed carefully, it will benefit from the strategic advantages that they come with this credibility. 

According to an investigation realised by the Laboratory of Persuasive Technology of Stanford, approximately 46% of the clients commented on the design (appearance) of a website more than they commented on any other factor, which turns it into a factor of influence fundamental to determine the credibility of a website. 


When it has frequent questions with answers to consultations common in their website, to the users will be easier to find the basic types to them of information who could be looking for and this means that they will not have to put itself in touch with anybody of his company to obtain answers to his questions. simple questions 

When it presents clearly the policies of his company in the website, this also increases its credibility. For example, if its company has a website of electronic commerce, it must indicate important information, including the reimbursements, the interchanges and the policies of guarantee of return of money. To provide and to share these policies in its website can also be useful in case of disputes. 


It maintains its website with regularity to diminish the technical problems, as damaged forms and connects incorrect. The speed of load of the page is another important technical question to which there is to pay attention. The websites of very slow load are irritating. For a good rate of conversion, its website must load quickly. It finds a good service of lodging that can very just a short time provide a fast load and of inactivity, if there were it. 


Nobody wants to read enormous text blocks in an intense type of script pink on a red bottom. It chooses fonts who are easy to read and forms the copy in colors that also admit the legibility. Here there are some advice more on typography to consider when designing his website: 

  • The size matters: you do not go too small. Many users have difficulties to read the type when he is too small.
  • Maintain it brief and sweet: whenever it is possible, a copy writes that is brief and formats it with subtitles and emblems to facilitate I scan.
  • It chooses nice colors: it decides on combinations of colors that are tranquilizing for the view.

And, you do not forget to publish, to publish, to publish. To anybody it likes to see grammar errors and typesetter errors in a website. This type of avoidable errors damages their credibility because they imply negligences. Before publishing any new page, he plans ahead of time and he adds time to his program of production to correct all the copies and to avoid communication errors. 

To anybody it likes to see grammar errors and typesetter errors in a website. Before publishing, you do not forget to publish, to publish, to publish.


It creates a page in his website with more information on the leadership of his member company and another key of the personnel to add credibility. The inclusion of an equipment page sample that its company is real, has real employees and who are not a fraud. 

Its website must support its business, not to reduce value to him. As part of its more concerted efforts of digital marketing, a reliable website will make a difference when fortifying its brand, whereas a bad website only damages its reputation. The time is taken to follow these advice to construct the credibility of its website. 

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