Importance of the Institutional Image (branding)

A strong and recognizable brand can help a company to be more successful, reason why it is so important to create an effective identity name brand. But, of what an identity consists name brand and why it is so important? 

What is an identity name brand?

When you create an identity name brand, basically you are applying the values of your brand to any visual element that will be used to promote your business. This means that an identity name brand is more than a simple logo and consists of a variety of marketing materials.

This could include: 

  • Letters of businesses
  • Stationary
  • Printed materials (pamphlets, information, steering wheels, etc.)
  • Signaling
  • Packaging of the product
  • To dress
  • Website
Examples of brand identity

Examples of identity name brand of Isabela Rodrigues
The development of a cohesive and professional identity name brand is an important part of any effective strategy name brand. To create an identity name brand requires investigation and attention to the details to develop a style that fulfills the objectives of a company and issues the suitable message. Once an identity is created name brand, many companies provide you rule envelope how its brand in diverse means is due to represent to guarantee the coherence.

Why is important the identity name brand?

1. Personality: an identity name brand is the visual representation of the values and the €œpersonality€ of its brand. The identity design essentially establishes the tone of its brand and can be used to evoke specific feelings in its hearing. Its identity name brand must be designed to communicate the general message of its company and to promote its commercial objectives.

Brand identity example

Consistency: to develop an identity name brand allows him to create a coherent message in all the materials of marketing. Each piece must have the same basic styles and elements of design, creating a cohesive package name brand.

3. Differentiation: an identity name brand him help to differentiate its business from the competition and of positioning its brand suitably. To develop design of a professional and creative identity can help it to be different itself from the potential clients in its market.

Example of brand identity

4. It brings back to consciousness: the creation of a package of identity name brand guarantees that its brand is to the vanguard of all materials of marketing, which help to increase brings back to consciousness of the brand. Whatever more places are in their brand, more contact will have with the consumers and more memorable it will be.

5. Loyalty: an effective identity name brand can help to foment loyalty and the confidence of the clients in a brand, since it allows the clients to make a connection between a product and the company. 

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