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The price of a domain depends on the wished extension. The following table shows the price list for the purchase of domains by means of BestReseller-Hosting:
TLDTo registerTo transferTo renew
.com$239,00 MXN$239,00 MXN$239,00 MXN
.net$289,00 MXN$289,00 MXN$289,00 MXN
.org$279,00 MXN$279,00 MXN$279,00 MXN
.mx$499,00 MXN$499,00 MXN$499,00 MXN
.com .mx$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN
.net .mx$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN
.org .mx$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN
.edu .mx$1,00 MXN$1,00 MXN$1,00 MXN$1,00 MXN$1,00 MXN$1,00 MXN
.info$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN
.biz$289,00 MXN$289,00 MXN$289,00 MXN
.co$549,00 MXN$549,00 MXN$549,00 MXN
.in$189,00 MXN$189,00 MXN$189,00 MXN
.us$159,00 MXN$159,00 MXN$159,00 MXN
.pro$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN
.tv$699,00 MXN$699,00 MXN$699,00 MXN
.mobi$349,00 MXN$349,00 MXN$349,00 MXN
.tel$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN$299,00 MXN
.la$699,00 MXN$699,00 MXN$699,00 MXN
.me$549,00 MXN$549,00 MXN$549,00 MXN
.xxx$1899,00 MXN$1899,00 MXN$1899,00 MXN


Accounts with us! We are to help you, consults the most frequent questions

What is a domain name?

It is a unique name that can contain alphanumeric characters (numbers and/or letters), which is used to identify a connected computer to Internet.

A domain name allows that a user can remember something easily as:, instead of having to remember a sequence of numbers of direction IP as:

The intention of a domain name is that a user of Internet can send emails, and access to the information with words familiar and simple to remember as: €œ€ or €œ€ without having to memorise the numerical direction of the connected servant of Internet.

The domain name is the name of its brand in Internet.

What difference is between the domain names .mx and .com, .net, .org?

Functionally none.

All these domains are global and anyone of them can be seen or be reached from any point of Internet.

The most important difference is than the domain names .mx are associated with Mexico.

The propagation of a domain name

All name of domain has assigned to a numerical direction (call IP), but before the difficulty of being able to remember this direction IP, a system has settled down, in which, to each direction IP a name is assigned to him, which is easier to remember.

When a visitor indicates a name of domain in his explorer, the name is really translated in a direction IP, which is shown the visitor.

The system of address assignment IP of domain names, requires of 24 to 48 hours so that all the system of Internet recognizes and associates a name of domain to a direction IP.

To this process Propagation is called to him.

The process of Propagation requires normally of 24 to 48 hours.

When acquiring a new name of domain, or when transferring an existing domain of a servant to another servant is required of its Propagation.

When the Propagation not yet has concluded, it is possible that a domain name still has assigned the previous IP.

Is the possibility of changing a request of name of domain by another name possible?

The registry of domain names cannot be cancelled.

Once a domain name has been acquired the process is definitive.

The option is to buy the new name of wished domain, but a new payment is due to realise.

In the purchase of domain names there are cancellations nor no returns.

It is possible to transfer domains to BestReseller-Hosting?

Yes it is possible.

In order to transfer their domain with us their website, we were in charge to migrate their website, data bases and accounts of mail.

The first step that we recommended to him is once active its service, to raise to the archives from its website its account of Web hosting with us, to create its accounts of mail, etc. before coming to the transference, it will allow that its domain is always in line during the crossing process.

The process of transference of domains requires of 24 to 48 hours for the propagation after the servant names are changed, the traffic will be directed to its domain in our servers.

In order to only transfer its domain:

For generic domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc) it will have to know code EPP or Authorization code, for domains (, .net .mx, .org .mx, etc) will have to know the Information Authorization of his domain. This information can without any trouble obtain it from its present recorder.

Generally we recommended to initiate the transference 1 month before the date of expiration of the domain, despite since the years they are cumulative is advisable to initiate the process as soon as it is decided to change of recorder.

Applicable costs

The recorder change in BestReseller-Hosting is gratuitous, despite must pay a year more of period of use of the domain. With this if its domain expiraa in April of 2019, would happen to expire in April of 2020. If it wishes to know the present tariffs registry/renovation of domains please visits the table of Prices of Domains

Before beginning

In order to come with a recorder change it must fulfill the following requirements:.

  • The registry of the domain must be effective. If this one expires before concluding the transfer process could not be transferred.
  • The domain to transfer must not have any pending payment in its old recorder and in addition last crossing must have more than 60 days of antiquity from its registry/.
  • The domain must not of be renewed in the 45 days previous to the request of recorder change (it is not indispensable condition, but it would lose a year of registry).
  • It must have control on the account of mail of the present administrative contact and/or to know the Authorization code/Information of Authorization, otherwise it will not be able to confirm the operation of transference.
  • Domains org, .info and .biz: In order to realise the change of domain name register and .biz it is essential that it contacts with his present recorder before initiating the process and that the authorization codes are facilitated him to realise recorder change. These codes will be required to him to realise the confirmation on the part of the administrative contact.

It follows the following connection To initiate the Transference of Domain with us, if it wishes customized help Contacts to us.

Which are the steps to follow to acquire this service with BestReseller-Hosting?

In order to register the service with BestReseller-Hosting it must enter our Website, it will find the tool €œLooks for his Domain€, introduces the name of chosen domain and selects the extension of its interest, gives click in €œLooking for€ and follows the instructions in screen.

Once realised the corresponding payment it will be come to the registry of his name of domain, fact this we will make him arrive via email the confirmation of the registry from his domain.

How much take a new does domain is to be active?

Once asked for his name of domain it requires of some minutes (around 30 or less) to be registered.

The domain is registered automatically when its payment is confirmed but it can appear as available for registry while it propagates in Internet, this process can take up to 72 hours.

Characters that can be used in domain names

The names can contain letters, numbers and scripts (€œ- €œ). Spaces nor another type of symbols are not allowed.

A domain name cannot begin nor finalize with scripts.

The domain names are written in small letters, and must finalize in .com, .net, .org, .mx, .tv, .us, .info, .biz, etc.

The domain names cannot altogether be majors to 63 characters.

The domains must be in favor formed only of letters and numbers (from a to z and from the to the 9). Also the script is valid (-), but could not be located as last nor as first character of the domain. The domains cannot contain spaces, points (. : nor special characters as &, %, $,/, (,), =? , , €œ! .

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