reviews in line

How to obtain more reviews in line (and how to respond the bad ones)

Interested in line obtaining more commentaries, but he isn't in favor safe of where beginning? 

A form to begin is to involve to its equipment of sales and marketing with the idea that the revisions in line are important, the service to the client and the potential to gain or to lose businesses according to its reputation in line can be quite great. In fact, 90% of the clients say that the purchase decisions are influenced by the revisions in line.

Here there are some points of conversation to help to convince his personnel of the importance of the revisions: 

  • Results of the search. The qualification of its company in Google+ is highly visible whenever it appears in the results search. In addition to showing the opinions of Google+, the results search of Google now also show €œrevisions of all the Web€, and that includes the qualification of your page of Facebook.
  • Habits of the buyer. The act to buy has evolved as the technology and the information become more accessible. The consumers more and more pass time investigating products and companies in line before realising a purchase. The revisions affect these decisions because €œ88% of the consumers in line trust so much the revisions as in the personal recommendations€
  • To improve CATHEDRAL. The new revisions published in their website serve as new content that the web search engines will rake and index, and this has been recognized as a added benefit of CATHEDRAL. In addition, the revisions that have been formatted as enriched fragments can increase the rates of click in 10-20%.

How to obtain more commentaries in line

All we agree in which the revisions in line are important because they affect the decisions of the buyers to an increasing rate, for or or for evil. Here there are some strategies to assure that their reputation in line is as high as their service. 

1. Service is stopped behind its product/.

The best strategy of revision of the world cannot deny a deficient service or unpolished products. If it is constantly listening to negative commentaries of the clients, it realises an audit of his equipment, policies and strategies on watch to the client. When you and your equipment are proud of the business, it is probable that the campaign of revisions causes that their ears are burned with all the good things that people must say. 

2. To develop a strategy.

A variety of factors can hit its strategy of revision. These could include: 

  • Determining to whom to ask,
  • Or to ask in person, by email electronic telephone or,
  • Where the revisions are due to publish, and
  • With what frequency new revisions are due to publish.

Although an incorrect form is considered specifically to ask for €œgood critics€ to its clients, it has a little manoeuvre margin when it is to choose to whom to request an honest feedback to him. It is important to consider that many revisions are in line not asked for, and the asked for revisions often are not more negative than positive. 

3. To monitor, to respond, and to give pursuit.

Since the potential clients are interested in the reputation of their company, one of the additional benefits to compile commentaries in line is the capacity to show its excellent service the client. This is applied so much to the positive revisions as to the refusals. To maintain the conversation responding respectfully to all. of its revisions, showing which reads them how he is inverted in the experience of the client. 

4. Responding with evil intention critics €“



Taking our own page of Facebook, for example. This reviewer does not have an apparent connection with our company or service, reason why we could completely have ignored the revision. Nevertheless, to the being proactive, we left in clear the potential clients exactly what it was happening to this reviewer, and our answer also gives a look to our commitment to offer an excellent service to the client.