That it is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

More results by less investment.

The previous phrase describes the main benefit that will obtain when implementing a strategy of digital marketing in its business. You will have more reach with his campaigns of publicity but having used technological tools that will allow him to interact better with their prospectuses and to measure their results.

For example, in a publicity campaign on Facebook you will be able to direct his announcement to his objective public (she is as distributing flying only to people who you know that service interests its product to them/), we can segment by location, rank of age, level of studies, economic level, schooling, I interest, etc.

In a campaign of email or messenger marketing he will know how many people received their publicity, how many they read it or they visited his website.

In the same way he will be able to know the amount visitors his website, the source of where they entered to his Web and will be able to catch them as prospectuses for later pursuit or remarketing until closing the sale.

In all the cases he will be able to measure how many sales received, the source of those sales and in this way to direct his effort to the tasks that more results give him.

Once he knows his ideal client and has identified concrete objectives, he can use that knowledge to plan the design of the website and the creation of content. To go to particular datum points it help to communicate effectively to guide the visitors of the site in the right direction.

Many companies begin to commercialize with the force of the personal relations. At the outset, this works: you take advantage of your contacts and you put in the social networks and the business grows of organic way. 

But as it begins to extend itself, the ad hoc networks begin to be disturbed. You and your equipment only have long time. He can really be to networker for multiple locations or a greater business? How he will find time to extend all those relations and to arrive at new clients at the same time as he directs his business in growth and he works in the basic competitions that maintain it viable? How he can sustain the growth and continue achieving the success in a market that he changes quickly?
One of the most effective forms to rescue its time and to structure its business for the long term sustainability is digital marketing. Fact strategically, digital marketing can become its better salesman. 

Digital marketing

Digital marketing much more goes there of the approach average of the website as a virtual pamphlet and of the social networks of dispersion for the businesses in line. Its presence in line needs a focused strategy to become one of its main drivers of sales. The strategic thinking transforms digital marketing into a powerful force multiplier for its business, and a valuable contributor to its results. 

How I can form the digital marketing that works?

Like traditional marketing (announcements, pamphlets and direct mail), does not exist a unique solution for digital marketing. Although the tactical plan of each organization will be different, the following trip ticket can help it to construct, to refine and to implement a strategy of tie digital marketing to measurable results that agree with the objectives of their company and obtain results. 

It understands his objective public.

Before offing-hook the telephone, the consumers investigate in line. To develop to a deep understanding of its ideal client help to guarantee that when finds it in line, it satisfies its needs and obtains its business. 

It makes questions as: 

  • In what demography (s) is my ideal client?
  • What points or problems of pain she has or she who my product, company or organization approaches or solves?
  • What objections he could have/does it stop my product, service or solution?
  • What type of questions responds my equipment of sales repeatedly?
  • What information we always in the beginning explained of our process of sales or contact?

These questions can vary following their organization. For example, a company that sells a tangible product can need to communicate different types from information that a thematic group for charity whose objective is to create brings back to consciousness. But it does not matter what does, to articulate to whom wants to get with his message it help to understand how to use his digital marketing to arrive at the suitable people and to reach his commercial objectives. 

Its website must concentrate in the problems, the objections and the needs that his ideal client faces, and serves as a tool to advance in its process of sales. 

It defines your digital objectives.

How its could website improve its process of business? Or that the success implies to generate the more potential clients, to obtain the more sales or to create brings back to consciousness, the definition of its objectives must drive the design and the functionality of the website, as well as how and where it focuses the efforts of the social networks. 

For example, if it needs five potential clients per month with a value client average of $ 10.000, the design and the content of their website must concentrate in attracting the correct hearing and convincing them that they answer the telephone or they complete a form at the same time as they warm up to shorten them them. The cycle of sales. Although its objective is to obtain 80 sales per month with a value of sale average of $ 35, their content and structure of website not only will capture in line correct hearing, but they also will include a complete cycle of sales: more propose of value, establishing relevance for the problems or problems that face the potential clients, creating urgency and closing the treatment. 

Specificity: in amount of potential clients, amounts in dollars, terms and similars, not only focus their design and content, but also it allows him to realise a pursuit of the quality and the amount of his results so that it can with time continue improving. 

To create a website and a plan of digital marketing.

Also a plan of digital marketing will have to write to help it to grow and to direct to the traffic to the social website and platforms that have chosen. All the tactics do not give the same results. In agreement with his objectives and the knowledge of his hearing, it can make sure that the time and the effort that you and its personnel invest in digital marketing they are more efficient and effective. 

It monitors and it analyzes results with software of digital marketing.

Once their platforms are in their place, the monitoring and continuous analysis are critics to sharpen the results. Pursuit of how it does against his objectives. 

If it needed five prospectuses $ 10.000, perhaps but it finished with seven prospectuses of low value, must consider how to refine his content for not only interesting the potential clients, but also beginning to sell them in services of greater value. 

The continuous analysis of the results with respect to the digital objectives allows to fit and to narrow their tactics him to construct the correct growth. 

To know what does the visitors with its digital marketing offers a tool him to personalize the content and the functionality to achieve its objectives still more fast. It will want to make a pursuit of the data of use of the site for questions such as: 

  • What webpages visited the user?
  • How long they remained in certain pages and what they unloaded?
  • What e-mails read?

To shorten its cycle of sales.

Its website can be a powerful tool to educate the potential clients, giving what they need to include his process, surpassing the common objections them and eliminating the less probable perspective. A strategy of oriented digital marketing provides to its equipment of sales sortable information that it shortens the amount of time necessary to feed the contacts in closed agreements. 

For example, when we began to work with one of our clients, the company was spending a significant time in each potential opportunity due to the complexity of its product. After knowing its business and the process sales, we developed a strategy and we redesigned the website to educate from the beginning to the objective public. In a matter of weeks, our client began to receive ready potential clients to speak on specific subjects. When centering us in the digital objectives, we helped our client to shorten its cycle of sales so that its equipment could focus better the resources and generate better yields.

As its company grows, digital marketing can be great assets to help to release one of its more valuable assets: its time. A solid strategy for their website, social profiles and another content in line help to the potential clients to learn more on their brand and its services, so that when they call, is leaders much more described. It is why, when it is realised of strategic way, digital marketing can become its better salesman. 

Listo/a to develop its strategy of Digital Marketing?
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