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It automates your e-mail for marketing

By email electronic marketing is one of the most effective tools in stock-market of a salesman, when it is made well. All the potential clients or clients finished to the days of the general e-mails with the same message sent at the same time to. By email successful electronic marketing is personalized and triggered by the behavior of a user, for example, to unload a pamphlet or to look at a video.

The automated job streams of e-mail allow him to take advantage of the best thing than by email electronic marketing must to offer. Even better? Once they are formed, they do the work by you.

What is a job stream of e-mail?

A job stream of e-mail is a series of automatic e-mails that will be sent according to the behavior or the information of contact of a person. With the job streams, it can initiate combat operations based on the information that it has on his potential clients, which allows him to send the correct message to the correct person at the suitable moment. 

The job streams of e-mail accompany to their hearing through trip of the buyer. Once a user activates the knowledge realising some action in his site or clicking in an announcement, the automatic e-mails are sent throughout the time to attract the correct hearing towards their funnel of marketing. A typical funnel of marketing research could begin with brings back to consciousness, soon happen to the commitment and soon to the decision making and finally to the long term raising of the client. 

Why it would have to use a job stream of e-mail?

With too much frequency, by email electronic marketing follows the way of the direct mail: it sends to all and it waits for an answer of 2%. The job streams of e-mail allow him to concentrate themselves in the users who have real possibilities. You will send less e-mails? Probably. But it is less probable that those less e-mails arrive at the people who wish to talk with you and, in last instance, to become clients. The job streams of e-mail facilitate the conversion and give as result more businesses. 

The job streams of e-mail facilitate the conversion and give as result more businesses.

The automated job streams of e-mail vary of simple to complexes, but the end of the job stream is not necessarily the end of the interaction.There are different types of job streams from e-mail.We throw a fast look to most common.

1. Job stream of linear e-mail

The doctor's office of a doctor wants to attract new patients for a specific procedure. They write a technical document on this procedure and they publish it in his website. The job stream of the e-mail activates when a possible patient completes a form and unloads the technical document. 

  • Step 1 | Sensitization: To send e-mail: €œHere it is your white paper€
  • Step 2 | Greater it brings back to consciousness: 5 days later, it sends an e-mail: €œ5 things that must know€
  • Step 3 | Greater it brings back to consciousness: 10 days later, it sends an e-mail: €œStudy of case of patient€
  • Step 4 | Commitment: 10 days later, it sends an e-mail: €œIt asks for his gratuitous consultation€

Some things to notice in that job stream:

  1. They determined a specific triggering factor that it would attract the people interested in the procedure and soon formed a form simple to compile information described key on the possible patient.
  2. They thought what type of information would be useful for the possible patient, took the time to develop that information carefully and soon they offered it with time. That information can include from articles, studies of cases, videos, recordings of seminaries Web€¦ any content that is valuable and related to the procedure it would describe.
  3. The job stream of the e-mail does not happen of the direct knowledge to the programming of the consultation. It takes the future to patient in a trip. The doctor as an expert in the procedure settles down itself. He causes that the potential patient feels like more insurance when giving the following step.

The end of the job stream is not necessarily the end of the interaction. It can establish a type of more complex job stream in the one than the interaction reacts to the elections of the possible patient. Perhaps if the usuary one programs a consultation, it changes to a new job stream that has content that foments the programming of the procedure. Or if the user does not conduct any battle, it changes to a job stream extended-service that tries to restore the interest with different content. We throw a look to this type of more complex job stream. 

2. If/then job stream of e-mail

Here there is a real example of life that I finish experimenting. I am a voluntary minister of young people and was looking for ideas for one night for adolescents. I found some gratuitous plans, I filled a brief form and I unloaded those plans to use. 

I had triggered a job stream:

  1. I received a series of e-mails that offer additional plans in the course of next the 45 days, none of which I took measures.
  2. After those 45 days without answer, I received an e-mail with a video connection on common problems of the youthful ministry. That was interesting for me, so I saw the video.
  3. Within the 24 hours I received a connection to a second related video, that also I saw.
  4. A day later, I received a connection to register me in a seminary Web and at the end of that seminary they sent me to a connection to pay a subscription to the curricula.

That job stream of e-mail was a little more complicated than the first example. If had multiple options/then that they showed content to me based on my action, or lack of action. And once they found an action that resonated with me, quickly moved me by the funnel towards a greater commitment. If it turned me into a client, without a doubt it would see me surrounded in an enriching other and job stream that would from time to time send encouraging messages to me of e-mail with new content, some gratuitous ones of payment. Everything in a effort to maintain to me as client. 

The automated job streams of e-mail take some time and they are planned to form, but once they are it, they do an excellent work of customized marketing for you. 

Learnings nail:

  1. To establish a specific objective.
  2. It considers what pain points have related their hearing to that objective.
  3. It develops a content plan that approaches those points of pain creatively.
  4. It establishes a job stream of automated e-mail to execute his plan and to move to the people towards his objective.

A learning more: to measure its results.

It is possible that the job stream of its e-mail has realised an investigation of excellent hearing when forming, but once it is working, can learn still more observing how its specific hearing to the messages reacts. It can begin to add branches to his trip based on the behavior of the user. It changes the time between the messages and monitors how it changes the behavior. It adds new content in the job stream to see if it asks for a higher answer. To prove lines of subject, time of delivery, the list is practically infinite. The job streams of e-mail have many options that allow to fit them him so that they really work for his needs. 

Before going€¦ We speak of design by a minute.

The e-mails that it is sending must have a polished appearance to develop the recognition of the brand and to foment the commitment. They do not have to be complicated, but the time is taken to design its graphs of e-mail so that they reinforce his brand in line and obtains better results. The graphical calls to the action are also worthy of consideration for a greater commitment.

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