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5 signals that the website of your company is obsolete

How you know when is the moment for updating your website?
Not always it is a question easy to respond. Perhaps you like the design that was developed some ago years or to have a personal interest in the design that causes that it is difficult to be objective. As long as its website still generates some tracks, it is sufficiently good, truth? It is possible that you personally do not see any problem with his website€¦ but what passes with their prospectuses and clients? Internet moves quickly and it does not want to back remain due to a personal slant or something worse, because it has not phelp attention to the yield of his site. 

Its website is its virtual store. He is important that it maintains it updated, not only visual but also technologically. We review five signs objectives that it is hour to update the website of its company.

1. The navigation of the site has become uncomfortable or difficult to handle

As it grows, it adds pages and soon it will have a mess that is difficult to use for the people. As it tries to cause that a design of old site adjusts to its new needs, is possible that it must bury important information behind several clicks. People cannot find the information that needs, sometimes not even can find the information that needs.

2. Its site seems that it was designed years ago.

Although the design Web is subjective, there are styles that definitively are not it. Some ago years, the websites were designed to adapt to the configuration of a window of the navigator. The beginning pages were compressed in €˜over folds €˜. And it was common to see box-like designs with margins of colors, or literal pictures. Those designs feel very out of date in an Internet that now concentrates in the flow. The today websites make a better use of the space in which they are seen and they responded to adapt better to the election of visualization of the user. Navigation flows of different ways and the pages of the site are far from being fitted.

Two easy signals are small text and much additional space to the left right/in the window of their navigator. 
If it thinks that its design can be old but he is not safe, programs a gratuitous consultation with me to speak on its site.

3. You are falling in the results search.

You update the content regularly? There are broken connections? It is the precise information? You follow the last compatible rules of content with Google? All these are common problems that they can cause that its website falls in the results search. And all are common problems for a website that has surpassed its utility. 

4. You are not taking advantage of the newest technology.

The today websites are easy to publish with robust systems of content administration. The new websites also tie with a variety of software of management of relations with the client, which help to its company to generate more potential clients and to obtain a better return of the investment in its website. Social mass media. Blog of feeds. Automated e-mails€¦ the list of new technologies and tactics that can improve a more recent website follows and follows (and it changes every week). If its site is difficult to administer and not to Integra with its systems of sales and marketing, it is hour to consider an update.

5. Its equipment of sales is shamed to give the URL

Perhaps does the plus sign hard of its website need a redesign? Its equipment of sales stops saying to the prospectuses and clients to him on this. A good website is one that its equipment of sales wishes to recover in a call of sales and to use as a tool to close the treatment.

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