When registering new names of domain in BestReseller-Hosting and verifying it in the WHOIS, this continue appearing as available. Because?

The process is similar to the propagation of domains and requires of 24 to 72 hours. If it has realised€¦

 Characters that can be used in domain names

The names can contain letters, numbers and scripts (€œ-€). Spaces nor another type are not allowed€¦

 As it is the Technical Support and in which hour it takes care of?

All our clients enjoy technical support through the Section of Support, to which€¦

 As they are the forms of payment?

In BestReseller-Hosting we have diverse forms of payment so that he can acquire or renew his services€¦

 As they are the steps to follow to acquire this service with BestReseller-Hosting?

In order to register the service with BestReseller-Hosting he must enter our Website, to the left€¦

 As they are the steps to follow to ask for the discharge of the service?

In order to register the service of BestReseller-Hosting he must give click in the button €œTo contract€ that€¦

 Does whatever take a new domain is to be active?

Once asked for his name of domain it requires of some minutes (around 30 or less)€¦

 How long it delays the activation of the Service?

Once you send the proof to us of payment its account will be activated in our servers€¦

 How long estara my site OFFLINE when it acquires the services of BestReseller-Hosting?

Its site will not be at any moment OFFLINE, since the discharge of the service in ours€¦

 How it is the technical support?

We know the frustrations our clients who come from other suppliers, between€¦

 I have to pay in advance?

Yes, in case of asking for any service of Web Hosting, Registry of Domain, Reseller€¦

 Is necessary the registry of a name of domain to use a Web account hosting?

The registry of a new name of domain to use your account of Web is not necessary hosting€¦.

 It is possible to transfer domains to BestReseller-Hosting?

Yes it is possible. In order to transfer their domain with us their website, we were in charge of€¦

 The Propagation of a Name of Domain

All name of domain has assigned a numerical direction (call IP), but before€¦

 Is the possibility of changing a request of name of domain by another name possible?

The registry of domain names cannot be cancelled. Once a name has been acquired€¦

 I can register domain .COM, .ES, .MX, etc?

If, it can register the type of domain that it requires, if the domain that needs not is listed€¦

 That it differentiates is between the domain names .mx and .com, .net and .org?

Functionally none. All these domains are global and anyone of them can be seen€¦

 That it is a domain name?

It is a unique name that can contain alphanumeric characters (numbers and/or letters), which is€¦

 If I want to lodge the domains and, I have to contract two accounts of Web Hosting?

No. Will be able to both point domains at its same website without no extra cost. Both€¦