As it is the Technical Support and in which hour it takes care of?

All our clients enjoy technical support through the Section of Support, to which€¦

 As they are the forms of payment?

In BestReseller-Hosting we have diverse forms of payment so that he can acquire or renew his services€¦

 As they are the steps to follow to ask for the discharge of the service?

In order to register the service of BestReseller-Hosting he must give click in the button €œTo contract€ that€¦

 How long he delays the activation of the Service?

Once you send the proof to us of payment its account will be activated in our servers€¦

 How it is the technical support?

We know the frustrations our clients who come from other suppliers, between€¦

 I have to pay in advance?

Yes, in case of asking for any service of Web Hosting, Registry of Domain, Reseller€¦

 Where are physically the servers of BestReseller-Hosting?

The servers are located in Dallas, Texas, the USA, in a Datacenter of completes generation with€¦

 There is some guarantee of reimbursement in the service?

Yes, BestReseller-Hosting has a guarantee of total satisfaction by 30 days, if the service not you€¦

 Limitations of the contents of the websites

BestReseller-Hosting does not limit nor interferes in any case with respect to the content that you wish€¦

 That Control Panel offers in BestReseller-Hosting?

At the moment we offer cPanel in Spanish for the Web accounts hosting and to reseller hosting. It stops€¦

 What is KVM VPS?

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a type of virtualization in Linux servers that guarantees€¦

 What is VPS Hosting?

With VPS Hosting, it obtains a complete isolation in a physical servant for his accounts of Web€¦