Programmed maintenance 14/07/2017

Date: 14 of Julio of 2017 (14/07/2017) Home: 01:00 A.M. GMT-6 Aim: 04:00 A.M. GMT-6 affected Services: Public connectivity and private Location: Datacenter Dallas Duración: 3 hours a maintenance programmed in the servant DASA, this will be carried out is to change a hard disk (of 2.00TB) that presents under yield, the hard disk to€¦ Reading More €œ

13th Julio 2017
Programmed maintenance 17/06/2017

Date: 17de June of 2017 (17/06/2017) Home: 12:01 A.M. GMT-6 Aim: 05:01 A.M. GMT-6 affected Services: Public connectivity and private Location: Datacenter Dallas Duración: 5 hours the Engineers of datacenter in Dallas will take to end a programmed maintenance. During this period of maintenance one is going away to update firmware of€¦ Reading More €œ

14th June 2017
MAS promotion FATHER in Web hosting

Use: 30 of June of 2017 This month we have for you the promotion MORE FATHER! Contract some of our plans of Web hosting and obten: -50% of discount registry of domain FREE of by vida* constructor Web including This promotion it applies for new hirings and renovations of services already activosLa promotion does not apply€¦ To read More €œ

6th June 2017
Super promo 10x12

With our super promo 10x12 you are going away to be cold€¦ but of emotion! Contract today your radius by Internet (shoutcast radio) by a year and pays only 10 months! Yes, it pays 10 months on watch and it receives 12 months! This promotion applies only to service of radio by Internet in annual hiring, does not apply to renovations. In addition when€¦ Reading More €œ

13th Jan 2017
-25% of Discount to Contratar

Contract today your plan of Web hosting, radio shoutcast or video streaming and obten 25% of descuento* on the total of the order. Or that you contract a month, two or ten years the Christmas promotion of 25% of discount is applied to your order! * this promotion only applies for the services mencionados* this promotion applies only for€¦ Reading More €œ

1st DEC 2016
Special promotion in Web Hosting

All our plans of Web hosting to 2x1. When contracting by 2 years a Web plan hosting receives the second year FREE.

It takes advantage of this fantastic promotion since it is per limited time!

Contract today: uses the code of discount PROMO2X1

6th October 2016
Plans of Web Hosting improved!

In past days we have initiated changes in the configuration of our plans of Web hosting, due to the continuous growth in the amount of clients and services contracted now we can offer still better plans€¦ The plans Platinum and Master are missing person, our clients with these plans will continue having them active and to the same€¦ To read More €œ

27th Sep 2016
Programmed maintenance 26-September

Maintenance of the network would take to end that provides connectivity between the datacenter in Dallas and the installation of Equinix in Ashburn. Once finished, this new system will allow a scale of capacity between these sites of the present limit of 60 Gbps more than 800 Gbps, if it is necessary. During this maintenance, engineers€¦ To read More €œ

23rd Sep 2016