Limitations of the contents of the websites

BestReseller-Hosting does not limit nor interferes in any case with respect to the content that you wish to turn over in his site except for the following exceptions:
We did not admit sites that include and/or foment the child pornography.

You understand and leave it express certainty of which she separates to BestReseller-Hosting of any legal responsibility before action of third parties. Also only person in charge by the opinions assumes itself and declares and contained spills in his site and/or the sites that she administers. The single hiring of the service of Web Hosting implies the knowledge and acceptance on the part of the client of this clause.

You represent, assume and guarantees that you only used the service assigned for you for legal purposes. in particular, you represent, guarantee and assumes for us the following thing:

You would not use the servant in any way that infringes any law or regulation or that damages the rights of third parts, in the same way will not allow nor will authorize any other person to realise it.

You cannot publish, direct or transmit:

(a) any material that this outside threatening, abusive, malicious, slanderous, obscene, blasfemante, profanante the law, or any other objectionable one in any sense.

(b) any material that contains virus or another type of computer program that is hostile.

(c) any material that constitutes, or foments to commit, one ofenza criminal or that infriga any patent, trademark, rights of designs, copyright or any other type of intellectual property of any person who can subsist under laws of any juridiccion.

The shipment of e-mails massive (bulk email) or solicitd or not asked for not this allowed in our servers, the accounts of the users who realise massive shipments of e-mails definitivamentemente podran to be suspended temporary or without previous warning.

You would not use you program that they consume of excessive way the resources of sitema, including but not limited cycles of the processor and memory.

We reserved the right to remove without previous warning any information who we consider unsuitable for his web site. We did not provide with accomodations Warez or illegal content of MP3 (ex. you debera to only raise MP3 if you own the copyright of the same).

He can read to detail our Terms of Use in this connection.

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