For all our clients of Web hosting we have a promotion of anticipated renovation:

If you have a Web plan hosting you can early renew your service and to obtain the special price in addition renovation to your domain GRATIS*

What is necessary to make to take advantage of this promotion?
- send a support ticket to us from your area of client ( indicating that you wish to renew your service early, fact this we will generate your order of renovation with the applied promotion, you will receive notification by email when your order has been generated€¦ only comes with the ready payment and!

But that is not everything, if you wish it you can early renew by several years your service, only mentions in the support ticket the amount of years that you wish to renew, thus you assure your service by several years to a low price!

If you have some question on this promotion you do not doubt in contacting to us.
valid *promoción in all September 2018

David Salazar G.

Friday, September 14, 2018