That it happens if being client of BestReseller-Hosting I decide to change of supplier?

You will be able to change of supplier when therefore she wishes it.

The domain stays registered to its name.

In the case of domains automatically overcome and renewed by BestReseller-Hosting the client the renovation of the domain to normal cost within the 30 next days will have to pay to the victory, after this period is to consideration of BestReseller-Hosting the sale, resale or use of the domain.

Sometimes some domains renew automatically because quality domains are considered €œ€ (good reputation of domain), if the client in time does not renew his domain by any cause once available the domain could be registered by any person or company, to avoid this we automatically renewed and dá a term of 30 days for the renovation payment, of not being pleased the domain passes to our property and pudieramos to use it, to sell it or to return it to the client, this last one to consideration of BestReseller-Hosting.

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