In the services of Web hosting shared multiple websites in a same servant are had sharing the physical resources as the memory, processor and hard disk.

By the previous thing it is common that some sites or one even only can get to consume all the resources of a servant and this affects to the rest of the websites lodged in the same servant.

In extreme cases the servant can get to saturate himself, interrupting the service Web, e-mails, data bases, etc.

Today we are pleased in informing to our clients who in all our servers of Web hosting shared we have implemented CloudLinux. Therefore, their sites now have better yield, you you would have to be able to feel the yield difference generally.

For which CloudLinux?

In order to improve the general stability in the service of Web hosting shared. Better stability leads to an increase in the stability and better answer of the servant, the diminution of costs in support and one better experience for the client.

Each website has assigned resources and this prevents sudden tips in the consumption of resources that can affect all the servant.

If it has some question on this improvement in our servers does not doubt in contacting to us.


David Salazar G.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018