So that when entrance an erroneous password no longer I can see my website?

Among others protections our system detects erroneous attempts of access and if somebody enters in multiple occasions an access password to cPanel, FTP or email firewall blocks the access of the IP from where it detected the attempts of erroneous access; This is to prevent allowed access not being used the method with divination of password or brute force (different passwords with the hope are entered to guess the correct password)


Technically there is no reason to enter an erroneous password because the user knows his password access, can have cases in that by an error the password is written bad, if is the case, the ideal is to verify the password instead of to make more attempts.


When firewall blocks an IP your service is not out of line although it would seem that thus it is since from your connection to Internet you cannot open your website.


If you think that you have been blocked by firewall (or you know that you entered an erroneous password about multiple occasions) sends your IP to us in an email to soporte@BestReseller-Hosting soliciing is removed from list of blockades.


Ten in account that this protection is to increase to the security in your service therefore this protection cannot be nor will be eliminated.



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