As and when recibire my electronic invoice?

Once its payment is received our system will make him arrive an e-mail with one€¦

 What is the process to follow for the emission of my invoice?

The steps that the process of emission of an invoice follows for those clients who wish that€¦

 As they are the forms of payment?

In BestReseller-Hosting we have diverse forms of payment so that it can acquire or renew his services€¦

 How long it delays the activation of the Service?

Once you send the proof to us of payment its account will be activated in our servers€¦

 I have to pay in advance?

Yes, in case of asking for any service of Web Hosting, Registry of Domain, Reseller€¦

 That I can do if I need to already change to the data of invoicing for my invoice that recibi?

All the process of generation of its electronic invoice takes to end automatically by€¦

 That I can do if I require my electronic invoice and not inclui data of invoicing at the time of contracting?

If it is within the term of days for invoicing its invoice could without trouble be issued€¦