Access to its email by means of HTTP

The lodging clients Web must introduce the following direction in his€¦

 Blocked attached archives

In order to avoid the propagation of virus, the servant blocks the following types of file. If€¦

 As it is the Technical Support and in which hour he takes care of?

All our clients enjoy technical support through the Section of Support, to which€¦

 Configuration of managing program of email

It can use Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc. Once created the mail account is due€¦

 As they are the forms of payment?

In BestReseller-Hosting we have diverse forms of payment so that it can acquire or renew his services€¦

 As they are the steps to follow to acquire this service with BestReseller-Hosting?

In order to register the service with BestReseller-Hosting it must enter our Website, in the button€¦

 As they are the steps to follow to ask for the discharge of the service?

In order to register the service of BestReseller-Hosting it must give click in the button €œTo contract€ that€¦

 How long it delays the activation of the Service?

Once you send the proof to us of payment its account will be activated in our servers€¦

 How long estara my site OFFLINE when it acquires the services of BestReseller-Hosting?

Its site will not be at any moment OFFLINE, since the discharge of the service in ours€¦

 Which is the number of websites that I can provide with accomodations in a Web account hosting?

In the plan of personal Web hosting you can provide with accomodations only a website, in the plans premium and€¦

 How many post office I can send from my plan of Web hosting?

You can send a maximum of 2400 emails per day, that amount guarantees the shipment without misfortunes€¦

 How it is the technical support?

We know the frustrations our clients who come from other suppliers, between€¦

 How I migrate my website to the servers of BestReseller-Hosting?

It is well easy! , simply send a ticket to us of support with the data of access of hosting with€¦

 How I raise to my website Web plan hosting?

In order to raise to your website your plan of Web hosting you can make it by means of the arministrador of€¦

 I have to pay in advance?

Yes, in case of asking for any service of Web Hosting, Registry of Domain, Reseller€¦

 Where are physically the servers of BestReseller-Hosting?

The servers are located in Dallas, Texas, the USA, in a Datacenter of completes generation with€¦

 Does the service of Web hosting include service of email?

If it is including. All the plans of Web hosting include administrable service of email* from€¦

 As soon as time they activate my service of hosting?

Once confirmed its payment its account is created of automatic form by our system (€¦

 Is necessary the registry of a name of domain to use a Web account hosting?

The registry of a new name of domain to use your account of Web is not necessary hosting€¦.

 There is some guarantee of reimbursement in the service?

Yes, BestReseller-Hosting has a guarantee of total satisfaction by 30 days, if the service not you€¦

 General information .htaccess

It can see examples and information for .htaccess in the following one€¦

 The route of FTP and archives

Sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmailPerl: /usr/bin/perlDate: /bin/dateWhois: /usr/bin/whoisPython: €¦

 Limitations of the contents of the websites

BestReseller-Hosting does not limit nor interferes in any case with respect to the content that you wish€¦

 So that when entrance an erroneous password no longer I can see my website?

Among others protections our system detects erroneous attempts of access and if somebody enters€¦

 I can access my site the 24 hours of the day?

If, available 24 hours, the 7 days of the week, the 52 weeks of the year.

 I can administer I myself my accounts of e-mail?

We offer cPanel to you, powerful Control Panel that offers multiple very easy tools to you€¦

 I can resell services of hosting with my plan of Web hosting?

We did not allow the resale of services in the normal plans of Web hosting, to resell€¦

 I can have several names pointed at a same page?

If, to this parkeo of domain (car park domain) or Pointed Domains is called to him. By each domain€¦

 I can use a domain name that already I own?

If you already own a domain elsewhere, the transition to BestReseller-Hosting is easy. At the time of€¦

 That it is Hosting Web?

The service of Web Hosting is the rent of a space in a Web server to provide with accomodations your site€¦

 That it happens if the assigned monthly transference is run out?

If the contracted transference is surpassed of monthly form, the account would stop working€¦

 That Control Panel offers in BestReseller-Hosting?

At the moment we offer cPanel in Spanish for the Web accounts hosting and to reseller hosting. It stops€¦

 That it happens if being client of BestReseller-Hosting I decide to change of supplier?

You will be able to change of supplier when therefore she wishes it. The domain stays registered to his€¦

 That they are the DNS?

DNS is the abbreviation of Domain Naming Service.DNS is the person in charge to translate a name of€¦

 What is the Construction Web?

It knows more about our construction same Web that we offer free to all ours€¦

 Be accessed my can page with or without www?

Yes, our servers work of both forms.

 If I want to lodge the domains and, I have to contract two accounts of Web Hosting?

No. Will be able to both point domains at its same website without no extra cost. Both€¦

 Don't I use Linux, I must contract hosting under Windows or another platform?

When mentioning Linux in the information of our plans we talked about to the used operating system€¦