Dear clients, by countable questions we have decided to eliminate some of the accepted currencies, clients who at the moment pay their services in the currencies that we will stop receiving will be migrated to American Dollars (USD)


The accepted currencies are the following:
American dollar $ (USD)
peso $ (MXN)
Canadian dollar $ (CAD)
Euro ‚¬ (EUR)
Pound sterling £ (GBP)


Our system automatically detects its local currency following the Country from where it visits to us and in our website are to him the prices in their currency, if you visit to us from a Country where its local currency is another one to listed previously the system will assign by default American Dollars to him (USD)


If its local currency stopped being received this change in anything affects then its payments to him will continue being by the same amount, only that in Dollars.


Clients who use a currency of above listed will not have changes in their account.


If they have some consultation or suggestion in relation to this subject does not doubt in contacting to us.


Lic. David Salazar G.


Saturday, March 24, 2018